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For other persons with the same name, see: Angela (disambiguation).


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Introduced The Return of Starbuck
Children Doctor Zee
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Role Probable Being of Light
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Portrayed by Judith Chapman
Angela is a Cylon
Angela is a Final Five Cylon
Angela is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Angela in the separate continuity

Angela is an enigmatic woman who is brought to Starbuck by Cy the Cylon Centurion when Starbuck expresses loneliness for female company after becoming marooned.

Where Cy finds Angela is unclear, but when she arrives, Starbuck is surprised to find she is pregnant.

Angela speaks in strange riddles.

When Starbuck launches his makeshift spacecraft with her aboard to save her and the newborn child from the Cylons, she subsequently disappears. It is revealed that Angela is the mother of Doctor Zee (1980: "The Return of Starbuck").


  • It seems likely that Angela was a Being of Light, the celestial characters found in the Original Series.
  • Angela is a female given name. It is derived from the Greek word ángelos (αγγελος), meaning "messenger".

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