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This page (like all pages on this wiki) was imported from the original English-language Battlestar Wiki based on what was available in the Wayback Machine in early 2017. You can see the archive of the original page here.

The following proposal is for the redesign of the sidebar.

I propose that the sidebar be redesigned to prevent people from going astray, since people have commented on getting lost in the depths of the Wiki.

There will be an increased focus on linking to the portals from the sidebar, as well as a menu

Therefore, the sidebar will be redesigned similar to the following...

Redesign Sidebar #1

(Imagine that the bullets are boxes, with the first-level bullets being the header and the second-level bullets being the links.)

  • Navigation
    • Main Page
    • News
    • Blog
  • Outreach
    • Contact the Chiefs
    • Submit Corrections (This'll lead to a form where people can submit corrections, which will be added to a Wiki page... I just need to do some tinkering behind the scenes to make this work. But basically how this works is that a new namespace, named "Tickets", will be editable by anonymous users using the Namespace Permissions extension.)
    • View Recent Updates
    • Random Page
    • Help
  • Portals
    • The Original Series
    • Galactica 1980
    • The Re-imagined Series
    • Cast and Crew
    • Episodes
    • Technology
    • Colonial
    • Cylon
    • Ships
    • Community Portal
    • More portals...
  • Support Us
    • Wiki Store (General link leading to a page with the various Amazon stores.)
    • iTunes Store
    • Amazon Unbox Store
    • Paying Membership
    • Site Support

Search bar

We may want to move the search bar from the top to the side again, in following MediaWiki's monobook style, since other Wikis have that as standard... The search bar has been relocated to the top of the sidebar. I will admit that the current search bar is too small and people do tend to look to the left sidebar rather than the top, since that's where the main navigation lies.

Community links

As for the "Community" link box, those links will be on the top fold of the page, like on Battlestar Pegasus.