Beka Kelly

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Beka Kelly
Beka Kelly


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Portrayed by Lili Bordan
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Beka Kelly in the separate continuity
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Beka Kelly is a civilian software engineer working with the Colonial Fleet during the First Cylon War.

Ten years into the war, Ensign William Adama and ECO Coker Fasjovik are ordered to transport Kelly aboard the Raptor Wild Weasel to the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards in an apparently routine mission. Once out of DRADIS range of the battlestar Galactica, Kelly presents new orders from the Colonial Fleet and a new destination: the heavy cruiser Archeron at Sector 12, near Cylon-controlled space.

En route to the Archeron, Kelly reveals to Adama her previous employment with Graystone Industries and involvement in the creation of the Cylons and their programming.

Arriving at the rendezvous point, Kelly, Adama and Fasjovik discover the Archeron has been destroyed by the Cylons and are pursued by a lone Cylon raider (Blood and Chrome).


  • Early information on Beka Kelly revealed her to be an "enigmatic, seemingly impenetrable software genius who gives Adama a run for his money in more ways than one." [1]