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In the Re-imagined Series, the term carom describe the location of a DRADIS contact, typically in conjunction with a three digit number.

The terms describes the contact's position on an incremented disc perpendicular to the ecliptic, similar to a degree of azimuth. For example:

"DRADIS contact! Cylon basestar, bearing 187, carom 221!"

In this example, a Cylon basestar is 187 increments to starboard, and 221 increments up from the ecliptic.


  • While this system is similar to other science-fiction shows such as Star Trek (where carom is replaced with "mark"), the contacts in the Re-imagined Series have a measuring system with increments greater than 360 (at least upto and probably higher than 881 [1]), so it is assumed that some incrementation other than degrees is used. One example is the grad, which is 1/400th of a circle, thus simplifying mental arithmetic.

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