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This is a listing of craft from the 2003 Video Game, a majority of which are non-playable, unless otherwise noted.


Attack craft

Both craft are playable in the game, by default a majority of the missions are flown via the Viper.

Colonial bomber.
The main space superiority fighter for the Colonials.

Battlestars and battleships

Baseship for William Adama, the only playable character in the game. In the game, the player can control Galactica's turrets during one mission.
Colonial battleship.
Colonial battleship that liberated Bryn Magus from a Cylon prison facility.


Raiders and variants

These craft are space superiority fighter craft used by the Cylon Empire in the game.

The mainstay Raider, similar in design to the Original Series' version. In one mission, William Adama pilots this craft inside a Cylon held asteroid field.
Raider variant with markedly improved armor and firepower.
Advanced Raider variant with additional weapons and armor; combines the designs of the Original Series' Raider and the Re-imagined Series' Raider.
Elite Raider variant with access to cloaking capabilities.
Raider variant used as a bomber, analogue to the Cobra bomber.
Raider variant stripped of most weapons and armor, used for recon and screening.

Other craft

Special craft used exclusively by Erebus, the Cylons's Imperious Leader.
A heavily armored fuel tanker used by the Cylons.
A lightly armored fuel tanker, similar in design to the Cylon freighter.
Used as a deployment craft for Scatter Raiders.
Such ships are used in boarding actions to board Colonial craft, like Galactica.

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