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Introduced No Exit
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Portrayed by John Hodgman
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Dr. Gerard is a civilian brain surgeon within the Fleet, living onboard the Inchon Velle. After Samuel Anders is shot in the head, Gerard is called in by Dr. Sherman Cottle to assist in his recovery (TRS: "No Exit").


Official Statements

Dr. Gerard was a role we wrote specifically for John Hodgman. He was intended to be a slightly heightened and amusing character, and his pitch-perfect performance helped us get the right tone.[3]
  • John Hodgman on playing Dr. Gerard:
I’d always been an observer in every other role that I’ve ever played professionally in my life: journalist, writer, agent, all those things. Now I just had to be there. I remember that because it was a three-dimensional set: They build those rooms, and then send in dudes holding cameras to surround you from different sides. It was completely different from any on-camera experience I had had before, which amounted to The Daily Show, where I’m sitting next to Jon Stewart, or the Apple ads, where I’m standing next to Justin Long. Just pure two-dimensional things. I remember making this decision: There was this X-ray behind me of a bullet lodged in Trucco’s head, and I’m talking about it, feeling myself afraid to cheat too far from the camera. I’m like, “What if I just turned around?” That was the one thing that if I had done that on The Daily Show or the Apple ads, they would yell at me, say “Cut,” and start over, because you’ve gotta be facing the camera. I said to myself, [Whispers.] “I think I’m going to turn around in this scene, in this shot, in this take,” and I delivered my line, “See, now look at this.” And I turned around and pointed at the bullet, and every cell in my body expected to be yelled at that moment, and while I was turned around, I might as well have jumped out of a plane, because I was just so unnerved. Then I turned back, and no one yelled, and the scene continued, and I felt like sighing. “Something has happened.” I think it was maybe that take or the next one where I legitimately, in character, got Starbuck to tell me to frak off. That was the best feeling.[4]


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