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For more detail on the Colonial faith of the Original Series, see Religion in the Twelve Colonies (TOS).
For information on God as defined by the Cylons in the Re-imagined Series, see God (RDM).

God is addressed directly by Commander Adama shortly after the Battle of Cimtar, asking God to take the burden of saving humanity from him if possible.[1]

God, as well as the Lords of Kobol, are called upon by Adama to bless the sealing of Apollo and Serina (Lost Planet of the Gods, Part II).

Given that the Ninth Lord of Kobol was mortal (entombed in Eden on Kobol), the Lords of Kobol may be more akin to saints, whom the Colonials worship as Roman Catholics venerate saints, whom Catholics believe intercede in prayer for their benefit.

In the episode "War of the Gods", the nature of God becomes confused in the series as the Beings of Light and Iblis appear. The episode dialogue infers more that the Lords of Kobol were deities, and that there is some connection between the Beings of Light, Iblis and the Lords of Kobol.


  1. A similar plea is made by Jesus of Nazareth, according to Christian scripture, before his trial and crucifixion.