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Hilltop is a robot facsimile of a Cylon Centurion created by Spectre, an ambulatory cybernetic sentience that assumes command of the garrison on Antila after ever reptilian Cylon dies as a result of that planet's diseases.

As with Spectre's other creations, Hilltop is named after an attribute of the planet Antila, however Hilltop outgrows its programing and achieves a state of sentience that disturbs Spectre; Spectre's eventually hopes to disassemble Hilltop in order to determine the nature of Hilltop's uniqueness.

Eventually, when Starbuck and Kyle's numerous army of children drive the Cylons off Antila, Spectre orders Hilltop to accompany him to the remaining Cylon ship on Antila. Hilltop refuses, saying that it should stay behind to help his other Cylons; Spectre disconnects its internal power source and leaves with another Centurion facsimile. Unbeknownst to Spectre, Hilltop made modifications upon itself, thus bypassing the wiring that connected the powerpack to its systems. It reactivates and orders Treebark to surrender to the humans on Antila. Hilltop and its fellow Cylon facsimiles instead help the Antilans rebuild their colony, surviving an execution attempt by Kordel in the process (The Young Warriors).


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