John Steadman

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John Steadman
John Steadman


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Portrayed by Dana Elcar
John Steadman is a Cylon
John Steadman is a Final Five Cylon
John Steadman is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
John Steadman is an Original Series Cylon
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John Steadman in the separate continuity
[[Image:|200px|John Steadman]]

John Steadman is a wealthy land owner and farmer in California.

Steadman is the former employer of Hector Alonzo, in addition to other Hispanics. However, Steadman's racial attitudes towards Hispanics are negative, as he believes them nothing more than peasants.

Given these attitudes, in addition to his avarice, Steadman makes it a point to destroy smaller farms by using his clout in the Growers' Association. Things come to a head when he dams up the only source of water in the area during a drought.

However, things turn bad for Steadman once Warriors Troy and Dillon arrive. After they begin helping Alonzo on his farm, in order to prepare an agricultural colony for the Galactican race, Steadman grows suspicious about Troy and Dillon and goes to investigate. Steadman sees the Warriors plow the ground using their laser pistols, the Super Scouts seed the field using their special abilities, and the anti-gravity ship create the clouds that will produce rain.

He is summarily laughed out the Growers' Association when he relates this tale (Space Croppers).