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Introduced Reins of a Waterfall
Marital Status Married to Sam Adama
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Portrayed by Julius Chapple
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Larry in the separate continuity

Larry is the husband of Sam Adama. Although Larry and Sam appear to have a strong relationship, the couple have not yet started a family due to what Larry describes as Sam's "tough guy" work as a Ha'la'tha enforcer (CAP: "Reins of a Waterfall"). As a non-Tauron, Larry finds it difficult to accept Sam's preoccupation with the rebellion against Andreas Phaulkon or his willingness to send a portion of their income to the rebels (CAP: "False Labor"). Several years later, Larry's relationship with Sam continues in some form, as he joins Sam in a religious ceremony for their young nephew, William Adama (CAP: "Apotheosis").


  • Larry's surname is never used on screen. Therefore, it is a matter of speculation whether he retained his own surname or took the name Adama. The standard practice with regards to family names in same-sex marriages between two people in the Twelve Colonies remains unknown.

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