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The memory inducer, known also as the memory machine and memory stimulator, is a device used by the Colonials to retrieve information from people's minds.

It was created as a weapon of war, used against saboteurs and traitors to discover what they knew, as images and events from a person's memory can be projected for all to see. However, the memory inducer can be used for other purposes as well, such as allowing people to remember past, fleeting events in every detail.

There are risks to using such a device, including brain damage and permanent entrapment inside of one's own mind, as those under the machine's influence must be the ones to extricate themselves from it willingly.

The device is designed as a large spherical structure that is translucent; the subject is suspended, free-floating in a gaseous mixture, thus requiring the subject to be enclosed in a suit (The Memory Machine).

One such device is aboard the Galactica, which Commander Adama uses in order to provide evidence of Earth's path to the Council of Twelve, and to silence his overly zealous, power-hungry opponent, Sire Uri. The device is overseen by Doctors Spang, Wilker, and medtech Cassiopeia (The Memory Machine, All Things Past and Present).


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