Otarsis Quadrant

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Three celestial bodies in Otarsis. The same image was also reused (now as planet Equellus) in The Lost Warrior as well as in Saga of a Star World where the large planet in the middle apparently was a devastated Colonial homeworld

Otarsis Quadrant is an area of space in the Cyranus galaxy (The Long Patrol) consisting of at least three celestial bodies. Two appear to be planetoids, while one appears to be a satellite orbiting a green planet, which appear to orbit a star.

A Cylon listening post is located on the green planet, which Lieutenant Boomer refers to as an "asteroid".

Colonel Tigh considers the path through Otarsis to be a better route than the magnetic void detected by Patrol One, consisting of Starbuck and Apollo, in the neighboring Epsilon Quadrant (Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I).

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