Samantha Ferris

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Samantha Ferris
Samantha Ferris
Portrays: Joanne Pollux
Date of Birth: November 2, 1968
Date of Death: ,
Age: 53
Nationality: CAN CAN

Samantha Ferris is the Canadian actress who portrayed Joanne Pollux in "Dirty Hands".

Prior to acting, Ferris was a reporter for KVOS TV 12 in Bellingham[1] as well as a local radio personality.[2] This experience lead to her breaking into the acting field by working in bit parts as a reporter[2], later gaining meatier roles in Vancouver-based series such as Stargate SG-1 and Da Vinci's Inquest, as well as voice over work in both anime and video games, such as Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and SSX on Tour, respectively.

Due to her voice and strength, Ferris received the recurring role of Nina Jarvis on The 4400[1] as well as the role of the demon hunter Ellen Harvelle in Supernatural.[2]

In addition to acting, she also works as a fill-in for Vancouver's QMFM radio station.[2]


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