Sector 12

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Debris of the heavy cruiser Archeron and blue nebular dust in Sector 12.

Sector 12 is a region of space near Cylon-controlled territory during the First Cylon War. The area is characterized by blue interstellar clouds.

Ten years into the war, Wild Weasel pilots Ensign William Adama and ECO Coker Fasjovik are ordered to transport Graystone Industries scientist Beka Kelly to Sector 12 to rendezvous with the heavy cruiser Archeron. Upon arrival at Sector 12, however, the trio discover the Archeron destroyed by Cylon forces and are immediately attacked by a contingent of Cylon Raiders (Blood and Chrome).

Djerba, a former Colonial recreational getaway, and current Cylon outpost, is located in this sector ("Blood and Chrome").

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