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An unidentified energy being[1] attempts to warn (Prison of Souls, Part 1) and later possesses Commander Adama to thwart the Somnians' plans (Prison of Souls, Part 2).

Initially communicating to Adama through visions, the being causes mental and physical distress to Adama, whose brain acts much like a receiver for the being's thoughts (Prison of Souls, Part 1). Upon Wilker's return from the derelict mothership, the being warns Adama that the Somnians have arrived in their universe (Prison of Souls, Part 2).

The being then possesses Adama and encases Captain Apollo and Lieutenant Sheba in an energy field, which protects them from the Somnians' tachites.

After explaining what will happen upon the ship's contact with the newly formed and growing cosmic storm, the being, through Adama, explains that he is from a race of people who have imprisoned the Somnains, viewing them as a great threat. Both his people, in addition to the Somnians, reside on the same realm, with the Somnians wanting to destroy their wardens (Prison of Souls, Part 2).