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Val Chambers
Val Chambers


Colony Caprica
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Introduced Caprica
Death Murdered in his bed by Sam Adama (Caprica pilot)
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Role Caprican Minister of Defense
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Portrayed by William B. Davis
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Val Chambers in the separate continuity
[[Image:|200px|Val Chambers]]

Val Chambers is the Caprican Minister of Defense in 58 BCH.

Despite being aided in his ascension to power by the Ha'la'tha, he dislikes Taurons and, upon obtaining the role of Minister of Defense, decides to use his power to commence an aggressive and direct investigation the activities of the Ha'la'tha. The Guatrau requests that Joseph Adama approach Chambers with the intent on dissuading him from pursuing the Ha'la'tha. Despite reluctance to do so, Adama later agrees, but fails to obtain anything other than Chambers' contempt.

Chambers is later ritualistically murdered in his home by Sam Adama. As a result, he is succeeded by Joan Leyte (Caprica pilot).

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