Who Will Buy the C-Bucs?

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Who Will Buy the C-Bucs? is a The Caprican Sports article written by Caleb Barlow. It was printed in Martius 7, YR42.


Daniel Graystone has certainly had better days. He's lost his daughter, he's losing his position of power in Caprican commerce, and now I fear he may also lose his childhood dream, too.

Everyone knows about the handful of Buccaneers who have been requesting they be transferred to a different Pyramid team in light of the possibility that Graystone's late daughter Zoe was involved in the MAGLEV bombing. From this unfortunate business comes speculation that Graystone might do well to "distance" himself from the C-Bucs. It goes deeper than just low morale among the ranks, though. Graystone distancing himself from the C-Bucs might very well ultimately be a practical business decision. Graystone Industries, like its CEO, has seen better days, as its stock keeps dropping like there's no tomorrow. Graystone might need to completely and officially "distance" himself from the C-Bucs to pay the bills.

So who would buy the C-Bucs, if Graystone ends up needing to sell the team? Here are a few possible candidates:

Tom Vergis of Vergis Industries Of course. He can afford it, and he'd love to stick it to Graystone. Owning the C-Bucs has been Graystone's fantasy since he was a kid. Wouldn't Vergis love to take something like that away from his number-one competitor? Of course he would. If nothing else, it's good business.

Jack Mendelson of Bright Ideas, Inc. Jack tried to buy all three Canceron teams once upon a time, and they only reason it didn't happen is because his lawyer got arrested for being with a prostitute and wasn't at the meeting to sign the dotted line (because he was in jail). Ol' Jack really wants to own a Pyramid team. If he hears the C-Bucs are up for grabs, he may very well grab.

Megan Granger of Tomorrow is Today Megan surprised everyone last year when she inherited the company from dear old dad and ended up being a lot more savvy, smart and downright ruthless CEO than the old man ever dreamed he'd be himself. It doesn't hurt that she rocks that cleavage at every board meeting - if Megan wanted to own the C-Bucs, we doubt the players - or every male fan - would complain.

Tammy Lawns, Actress She's sleeping with C-Bucs superstar Jimmy 'The Vox' Cox, and she's got more money than the gods, so why not show her man who's really wearing the pants in this relationship by buying his team? Hey, it could happen. She can afford it, believe me.

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