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Yolanda Brenn
Yolanda Brenn


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Yolanda Brenn is an oracle who lives in Dogsville on Galactica.

After Kara Thrace is plagued by dreams about Leoben Conoy, Karl Agathon suggests visiting her. In Brenn's tent, Thrace notices a figurine of the goddess Aurora, which Brenn offers as a gift. Brenn tells her that she will know who to give the figurine to when the time comes.

Brenn takes Thrace's hands and repeats, verbatim, the words that Conoy told Thrace about her mother during his capture and torture almost two years before (Flesh and Bone). Brenn also suggests that Thrace learned the wrong lesson from her mother and that Conoy is coming for her. Thrace leaves seemingly more distraught than before (Maelstrom).


  • Originally Amanda Plummer was supposed to reprise the role of Dodona Selloi, but when scheduling and budgetary restrictions prohibited this, the character of Brenn was created instead. [1]