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For the academy as described in Richard Hatch's novels, see: Academy (alternate).

The Academy is a training center for Colonial Warriors and Protectors.

Colonials students are trained in the roles for each profession. Captain Apollo studied law codes at the Academy, despite graduating as a Warrior, a point that Apollo is reminded of when he asks to defend Lieutenant Starbuck's innocence in the termination of Flight Sergeant Ortega (TOS: "Murder on the Rising Star").

Separate continuity

The academy consists of two administrative bodies, the Core Faculty and Cadet Council.[1][2]

As part of the training at the academy, students (who are called cadets) who aspire to be Warriors are given a various aptitude tests, including a test to find a hidden picture within a picture.[3]

Both Adama and Baltar went through the Academy, although Baltar is expelled for attempting to reprogram a testing computer to improve his scores. Although officially, the reason for Baltar's leave was noted as being medical in nature.[4]


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