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The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we've received about the Battlestar Wiki. The topics range from how certain things are done on the wiki, why we don't have [X], and other basic questions that may crop up in your use of the Wiki.

Given the amount of questions, we've organized them into specific categories.

  • Navigation: This section deals with how to use the site, switching between talk and article pages, et al.
  • Content: Questions about the content of the wiki, which include why we don't have fan fiction, why we don't have detailed specs on the ships down to the Nth degree, et al.
  • Functionality: These deal with the questions on why the site may be slow at times, how to change the appearance of the skin, why the default color scheme is the way it is, etc.
  • Financial: This covers questions (and answers!) from those who believe that Battlestar Wiki is "selling out" or becoming "commercialized".