Brenda Maxwell

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Brenda Maxwell
Brenda Maxwell


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Introduced Experiment in Terra
Parents General Maxwell
Marital Status Romantic involvement with "Charlie Watts"
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Portrayed by Melody Anderson
Brenda Maxwell is a Cylon
Brenda Maxwell is a Final Five Cylon
Brenda Maxwell is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Brenda Maxwell is an Original Series Cylon
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Brenda Maxwell in the separate continuity
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Brenda Maxwell is the daughter of career Nationalist military officer General Maxwell. Prior to his disappearance, Brenda is romantically involved with Colonel Charlie Watts.

Maxwell first meets Apollo (who appeared to be Charlie), under the impression that she was phoned. She picks up "Charlie", who appeared to be downright confused (obviously, as Apollo knew nothing of Terra), and takes him back to her apartment. During the initial conversation, Apollo is so disoriented and doesn't pick up on her remark about him having amnesia; he believes it to be her name.

Concerned about Charlie, Maxwell contacts the Nationalist Security force, where officer Brace then takes Apollo. Her father later comes to her, lambasting her for her involvement with "Charlie." However, they, too, are taken to the Nationalist government building.

Incarcerated together, Apollo and Starbuck manage to convince the Terrans that they are indeed from another galaxy.

Starbuck has Maxwell drive him to the site where he landed, aiming to prove that they are indeed "extraterrestrial." Despite managing to find the Viper, almost before it was too late, Maxwell couldn't believe that the story is true (Experiment in Terra).