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Mr. Buckminster
[[Image:|200px|Mr. Buckminster]]


Colony Sagittaron
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Introduced The Woman King
Death Poisoned by Dr. Michael Robert (The Woman King).
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Portrayed by Aaron Brooks
Mr. Buckminster is a Cylon
Mr. Buckminster is a Final Five Cylon
Mr. Buckminster is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Mr. Buckminster in the separate continuity
[[Image:|200px|Mr. Buckminster]]

Mr. Buckminster is a Sagittaron who succumbs to Mellorak infection. He has a younger son, roughly in his twenties, who is extremely brusque with attempts to render medical attention after entering Dogsville.

Buckminster dies after being injected with a destructive bisphosphonate at the hands of Doctor Michael Robert, who claims to have injected Buckminster with bittamucin without Buckminster's consent.

Doctor Sherman Cottle discovers the poisoning and cause of death after being irked by Karl Agathon's accusations against Robert (The Woman King).