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As the series Caprica was cancelled during the airing of the second half of its first season, what is known about the planned Season 2 comes from the Season 1 finale "Apotheosis"' epilogue "The Shape of Things to Come" and official statements from the production staff. It should be noted that the canonicity of information contained in such statements is uncertain, as developments in the series Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome may well contradict unaired Caprica plans, but they represent what the crew considered "to have happened" as of the Caprica cancellation.

"The Shape of Things to Come" was filmed before word of Caprica's cancellation and represented a "sneak preview" of Season 2, set 5 years after Season 1.

Statements by showrunner Kevin Murphy in DVD commentaries on Season 1.5 episodes (recorded before the cancellation) reveal a number of Season 2 plotpoints:

  • Jordan Duram survived the sniper attack and would have left the GDD and become head of a group called the Caprica Legionnaires, dedicated to destroying the Cylons before they rose up and crushed their creators.
  • Zoe-A, in her new skinjob body, would have joined the Caprica Legionnaries, keeping her nature a secret.
  • Zoe would have met one of the Final Five in V-world, providing her with an element needed to create her skinjob body.

On April 29, 2011, Murphy conducted an interview with the online fan publication The Caprica Times, in which he revealed several more details:[1]

  • Flashbacks would have revealed that the Graystones had difficulty overcoming the "uncanny valley" problem when creating Zoe's body, until 3 years after "Apotheosis", when Zoe noticed something strange that she followed through interlocking V-worlds "like the White Rabbit" until she came upon Galen Tyrol fishing at a beach. After Zoe explained who she was and why she was there, he gave her a fishing lure that turned out to be a piece of code crucial in completing her skinjob body.
  • Duram becomes aware of Zoe's nature and keeps quiet in exchange for her assistance.
  • No one in the Battlestar Galactica era is aware that Skinjob Zoe existed because her father went to such pains to keep her secret.
  • Clarice Willow is a wanted terrorist as well as a Cylon rights activist and operator of a church in V-world where Cylons can go when they "power down".
  • Lacy Rand is seen by Capricans as a crazy, "toaster-loving" leader keeping the peace on Gemenon through her loyal Centurions, who follow her because a part of Zoe's "soul" has been imprinted on them.
  • Circumstances force Clarice and Lacy into an "awkward marriage of convenience".
  • Mother is still alive and interested in returning to power. Daniel Graystone reluctantly allies with her against the Clarice/Lacy coalition, which causes problems between him and Zoe when the latter finds out, as Lacy is her "once and future BFF".
  • Bill Adama grows up angry at being named for his dead older brother.
  • Joseph Adama carries on an extramarital affair with Fidelia Fazekas.
  • Tamara Adama was the basis for the Number Eight model and Zoe was the basis for the Number Six model. Murphy was unclear on this point, however, and recommended asking Jane Espenson or Michael Taylor for clarification.
    • On May 5, 2011, Espenson confirmed on Twitter that the writers discussed this point, but it was not set in stone.[2]