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Carillon, before its destruction

Carillon is the dimly lit home planet of the Ovions.

The resort on the surface of the planet is used by the inhabitants as a lure to kidnap people for the purpose of consuming them.

Carillon has rich tylium deposits, which the Ovions had hoped to trade to the Cylons in exchange for independence. An earlier expedition overseen by Baltar noted that Carillon had nothing of note, although these reports were later proven false by Commander Adama.

The tylium ends up leading to the destruction of the planet, when Starbuck and Apollo set fire to the tylium mines. The explosion of the planet destroys a Cylon basestar along with the Imperious Leader that is aboard (Saga of a Star World).


The tylium-rich Carillon was first discovered by Colonials 178 yahren before the Battle of Cimtar, later settled by a human mining colony 58 yahren later. Since the soil is incapable of supporting crops, the settlers are dependent on supplies from outside sources. Despite this, the colony grew to 50,000 people 15 years after settlement.
Due to the intensification of the Thousand-Yahren War, supply lines became impossible to obtain and the colony was later abandoned, making way for the non-native Ovions to settle, mining the tylium for the Cylons.[1]


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