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Colony Lived on Caprica
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Introduced The Imperfections of Memory
Death Car crash
Siblings Amanda Graystone (sister)
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Portrayed by Jesse Haddock
Johnston Gray
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Darius is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Darius in the separate continuity

Darius was the brother of Amanda Graystone. He died in a car crash on Caprica, which his sister survived. The accident caused Amanda to experience a nervous breakdown, during which she had constant visions of Darius. She spent two and a half years in the Delphi Convalescent Institute recovering.

Years later, Amanda began seeing visions of Darius once again, and together with Sister Clarice Willow started to wonder if the visions were actually a sign of some kind. This thought was prompted by the realisation that several coincidences accompanied the visions: Amanda saw Darius at the scene of a car crash in the streets of Caprica City, leading her to a painting of the area where he had died, and the institute she stayed in sent her a letter asking for donations. (CAP: "The Imperfections of Memory")