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The Battlestar Galactica universes (Original Series and Re-imagined Series) have many fan fiction authors, games, and other media.

Please Note

Battlestar Wiki is NOT a fan fiction resource or repository. Battlestar Wiki articles contain only official information, which include aired episode content, comments from official sources such as the writers, directors, and production companies of the show, and speculation and information deduced and supported by aired content or official sources. The links provided here are for the convenience of readers and contributors who would appreciate reading or playing in these non-canonical resources. For this reason, contributors to Battlestar Wiki are reminded that any information found in these fan-fiction sites should not be added to canonical articles on the wiki. For more information on what constitutes an "official source" for Battlestar Wiki, see the Citation Jihad project page.

Battlestar Wiki guidelines on non-canonical information restrict the creation of fan fiction-related articles. Administrators and other contributors may deem it necessary (as appropriate to wiki policy and guidelines) to redirect, move, or delete fan fiction articles that appear elsewhere in the wiki without notifying the original contributor. If there is a need and relevant consensus for additional fan fiction-related articles, contributors are asked to create these as subarticles of this page. Subarticles must add the {{fandom}} template tag at the top of the page.

Re-imagined Series Fan Fiction

  • Battlestar Leonidas - Battlestar Leonidas is a new epic written by Allen E. Knott. It first episode is post now and the story will spanned six seasons.
  • Battlestar Prometheus - Battlestar Prometheus is an on going fiction written by Ryan A Keeton. Now into its third season, the story has continued to grow in popularity and has spawned its own wiki and strong fan base.
  • Battlestar Central - Fan fiction site with both Re-imagined and Original Series content. Home of Battlestar Libra collaberative stories, by many of the former Gemicon writers. Originally designed as a forum based site, Battlestar Central is currently being updated to a full service site. The site will showcase writings from all submitted pieces of fanfiction, artwork, and in the case of the Battlestar Libra fanfic, downloadable episodes. The site administrator goes by the name of Hazend.
  • Battlestar Colonia - Website for a RDM series-based interactive fiction group (PbEM), set in a character-driven world built to be as faithful as possible to the dramatic appeal and mystical essence of BSG. Focus is on telling quality stories and events revolving around "those left behind" in the Colonies after the Cylon attack and Galactica's departure. Site admin: Sasoriza, AKA Callum Gideon.
  • Battlestar Gemicon - Collaborative fan fiction based on the Messageboard. Battlestar Gemicon is a hybrid work of fan fiction and live play by post and chat role playing game. Ended at the beginning of season 2. The writers of the Gemicon series left and started a new series at Battlestar Central
  • Dradis.Net - A quality website for Re-imagined Galactica Fanfiction, focusing on Challenge fics. Part of Science Fiction Buzz. All entries go in the Worlds of Wonder archive. This site has recently hosted a special Lee Adama is a Cylon Fanfiction Challenge which concluded at the end of February 2006. The administrator goes by the name of ScifiBuzz or Judy B.
  • - Fan Fiction written within the Battlestar Galactica Universe.
  • Beyond the Red Line - A total conversion mod for the arcade space shooter FreeSpace 2, made by volunteers. "Beyond the Red Line" is still under development, and no release date has been announced yet, but a demo version is available.
  • Diaspora - Yet another total conversion mod for FreeSpace 2, made by volunteers from Hard Light Productions. The first release for "Diaspora" was released in 2012, and the team promised future releases.

Original Series Fan Fiction

Clean Slate Press

BSG Community Websites

  • Frak party, a website for organizing BSG-watching parties.

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