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Galactica Bridge concept design by Guy Dyas

If the continuation project to revive the Original Series in 2001 had continued, the battlestar known as Galactica would have had looked much like its original design, but with notably different interiors.

The proposed Galactica interiors never reached past the conceptual art stage for almost all of its parts. The flight pods of the battlestar would have reminded some science fiction fans of the busy, bustling hangars from the Death Star in Star Wars, complete with many docked fighters, a pressurized deck where Warriors could stand, and weapon turrets to protect the interior from Cylon fighter attacks inside the structure.

The bridge, officer quarters, and corridors would have had an extensive redesign.

No exterior pictures or conceptual designs of this Galactica appear to exist, the closest we come to the Singer/DeSanto Galactica would be the design used in the 2003 Video Game

The corridors and many other mockups built for the proposed series were eventually destroyed.

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