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Introduced The Magnificent Warriors
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Portrayed by Ben Frommer
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Nogow in the separate continuity

Nogow is the rather pig-headed leader of the Boar-like Borays on Sectar, consistently attacking the Human-run town of Serenity.

He leads attacks when the moon is full on Sectar, which appears to be several times during a sectar. Sire Bogan and his townspeople decide to place all the food where it can be easily taken, and of course Nogow's Borays do a pretty good job of knocking-off constable after constable, as well as allowing for other Borays to take the human female of their choice.

When Starbuck comes along, the Borays under Nogow's command are driven back, however Nogow manages to take Siress Belloby.

Starbuck manages to strike a deal with Nogow where he would be constable of the town and could have all the food and drink he desires. Apparently, he is also quite fond of Belloby, and both are apparently attracted to one another since Nogow is quite the "animal" -- according to Belloby (The Magnificent Warriors).