Thera Sita

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Thera Sita
Thera Sita
Race: Colonial
Type: Civilian
FTL: Yes
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Fate: Flown into a sun and destroyed in "Daybreak, Part II."
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Thera Sita is a ship in the Fleet of the Kimba Huta type.

Its name is shown on a voting tally board used aboard Colonial One during the Fleet's presidential election (TRS: "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II").

Thera Sita is successfully guided through a dangerously hot star cluster cloud by way of a Raptor piloted by Apollo on the first of five outbound FTL jumps to the algae planet (TRS: "The Passage").

The loss of several ships during this journey leads to overcrowding on some of the Fleet's ships. As a result 301 inhabitants of the Thera Sita are temporarily housed in Dogsville on Galactica, some of whom have contracted Mellorak sickness (TRS: "The Woman King").


  • In "The Passage," Apollo incorrectly refers to the ship as Theta Sita.
  • Thera is the largest island in the Santorini archipelago, located in the Aegean Sea, southeast of mainland Greece.
  • According to a deleted scene from "The Woman King," the passengers transferred from the Thera Sita consist of 84 Scorpions, 166 Picons, and (to both Gaeta's and Tigh's dismay) 51 Sagittarons.

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