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Hello to you! Welcome to the Battlestar Wiki Tutorial. This Wiki, like others, is a collaboratively edited Internet encyclopedia to which you can contribute by adding and editing material. This series of pages will give you the basic skills and knowledge you'll need to start helping us build this project. For a hands-on tutorial, you can also attend one of Wikipedia Bootcamps (off site).

Each page will discuss a useful feature of the wiki software, a piece of style and content guidance, information about this Wiki's community, important Battlestar Wiki policies and conventions, or where to find certain things.

Keep in mind that this is a tutorial, not a definitive policy page or an extensive manual. If you want more details, throughout the tutorial there are wiki links to other Wikipedia pages. Those pages have more information on the topics here. You don't need to look at them now, but you can if you want. You might want to open them in a separate window (or a separate tab if your browser supports this feature), so as to stay on the tutorial.

Your comfort when editing can depend on your choice of web browsers. For Windows users, Firefox is a good alternative to Internet Explorer, which sometimes does not play well with standard web conventions. Linux users may also find Firefox's abilities comfortable. For Mac OS X users, Apple's default browser, Safari, is recommended, although Firefox for Mac OS X is popular among some contributors. Opera also works fine.

There will also be links to spaces where you can practice what you're learning. Take advantage of the chance to try things out and play around. Nobody will get upset if you screw up an experiment in these practice areas, so play around and see what you can do.

We hope that after this tutorial, you will be familiar with the wiki software and you'll be able to contribute with ease.

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