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The uniform patch for Eversun employees.

Eversun is the name of a starline company in operation throughout the Twelve Colonies.

Eversun apparently offered many flights to and from cities scattered about the Twelve Colonies. Almost all of their passenger liners were likely FTL-capable to handle the distances between each colony, but there were likely sublight passenger shuttles to move supersonically or hypersonically across a Colonial world from city to city.

Colonial One was operated by Eversun as Colonial Heavy 798 and operated under Caprican registry. Before the Cylon attack it was chartered by the Colonial Government (thus its flight designation) to ferry Laura Roslin, other minor officials, and the members of the Colonial press to Galactica for its decommissioning ceremony. Colonial Heavy 798 is re-designated Colonial One by its pilot after Laura Roslin is sworn-in as President of the Twelve Colonies after the Cylon attacks. This starliner becomes President Roslin's principal residence and office.

While Colonial Heavy 798 was offworld during the attacks, another Eversun starliner is seen fleeing Caprica City shortly after the destruction of the city. It is unknown what happens to this particular liner, it is assumed to be FTL capable, yet, it is not seen shots of the fleet. It could have been destroyed before it was able to reach Roslin's fleet or another possibility is it joined with the fleet Pegasus found, and later abandoned. (The Plan).

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  • Starlines are analogous to airlines such as Northwest Airlines or American Airlines of the real-world Earth.
  • A discrepancy exists between the "Eversun" logo on the CGI model and the various physical signage, including the uniforms of Colonial One's captain and crew members. Both the service trays and the patches read "Eversun", while the CGI model has the Intersun logo. This is a result of a mix-up. Due to the prevalence of the Eversun name on the set pieces and uniforms, preference is given to the "Eversun" name.
  • The Zephyr also carries the incorrect Intersun logo on its rotating ring section.