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Marshall Bagot
Marshall Bagot


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Colony Virgon
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Birth Name Marshall Bagot
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Introduced Colonial Day
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Role Former delegate, Quorum of Twelve
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Portrayed by Malcolm Stewart
Marshall Bagot is a Cylon
Marshall Bagot is a Final Five Cylon
Marshall Bagot is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Marshall Bagot in the separate continuity
[[Image:|200px|Marshall Bagot]]

Marshall Bagot is a politician from Virgon, selected to represent that planet on the Quorum of Twelve. He appears to be one of the most vocal and influential members of the Quorum during his post-Fall tenure.

Following assistance given by Tom Zarek's men on Astral Queen, whereby they repair the air filtration system aboard Bagot's ship, Bagot nominates Zarek for the post of Vice President.

He is an officious-sounding individual, and his support for Zarek does not surprise Wallace Gray, Roslin's policy-maker and original vice-presidential candidate (TRS: "Colonial Day").

He, along with Sarah Porter and Tom Zarek, join the Laura Roslin faction after splitting from the Fleet (TRS: "Home, Part I").

After the Second Exodus from New Caprica, Bagot is no longer a delegate to the Quorum and his spot has been filled by an unnamed delegate (TRS: "The Ties That Bind"). His whereabouts remain unknown.