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This is a listing of terms that appear in the glossary in "Armageddon", from page 310—312, in addition to terms not defined in that glossary, but appear in the Richard Hatch novels. Terms appearing in List of terms (TOS) do not appear here, unless to note a discrepancy.

Military jargon

  • "divide and conquer": a maneuver involving two Vipers, wherein both head in opposite directions, but later head towards each other in a near collision course after their enemy splits its forces to follow both craft; the enemy craft are later disposed of as they blindly pursue their opposite number, with the partner Viper attacking the other's pursuers[1]


  • altered: intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  • anchor spikes: nails
  • apex pulsar: the top, center engine on a Viper
  • ascensior: an elevator[2]
  • avion: a bird[3]
  • berth: bed
  • beschkurd: green, leafy vegeetable common to most Colonies
  • bova: a large livestock animal kept in herds
  • brain crystals: outlawed chemical weapon causing portions of the brain to wither and harden, as if frozen
  • buritician: a member of the hereditary nobility of the Colonies[4]
  • cogitator: a Cylon diplomat, like Lucifer
  • commander's court: military court
  • coneth stew: a spicy vegetable dish made with bova meat
  • cycle: work details and duties are divided into two eight-hour periods and one nine-hour period, or cycle, per ship's day
  • fallaga: a plant found on Qorax
  • fiberline: a thin, strong rope
  • flanchette: a stinging insect
  • flatscreen: computer screen
  • flexi-weave: a type of fabric
  • frizzort: a mishap, error, or malfunction
  • fundamental code: a language of sounds, gestures and images believed to be significant to most sentient lifeforms
  • gyro-capacitor: the energy transference system used in starships
  • helm: the helmet worn by Viper pilots
  • heffa berries: fruit native to Caprica that is grown on the Agro Ships
  • imager: a high-tech mirror
  • info-scroll: a heads-up display projected against the energy shield of a helm[5]
  • info-sphere: data storage capsule
  • instruction period: term for time dedicated to education[6]
  • kirasolis: a sticky, caramel-like candy
  • kyluminum: a lightewight, plasteen/saligium alloy
  • launch aperture: energy-shielded opening in a starship bay through which smaller ships take off and land
  • magnalift: hi-tech crane
  • mealprep: a kitchen
  • micronoscope: powerful electronic microscope
  • mucoid: slimy, sticky; likely an adjective
  • mugjape: maggot-like creatures; the larval stage of skreeters
  • musiclink: radio; primarily for music and entertainment
  • navi-hilt: the pilot's stick in a Viper
  • novayahren: birthday
  • ogliv: a fruit described as prickly skinned and sweet; perhaps similar to pineapple
  • oregg: a precious metal, equivalent to gold
  • plasteen: an indestructible plastic
  • saligium: heavy metal alloy used in construction
  • S-cube: simulcast sight-and-sound unit; a video camera
  • sensorline: physical connection between two technology systems
  • servitor: waiter
  • skreeter: described in the book as a "bothersome but essentially harmless insect"; perhaps similar to flies or, at worst, mosquitoes
  • skyeye: a multiple-lensed, spherical camera capable of hovering
  • slagger: slothful person
  • support vapors: life support aboard ships
  • sylvanus: metal used in jewelry, similar to brass
  • techno center: technology center, the Cylons base on Ochoa was broadcasting the jamming signals from this point[7]
  • temblor: a ground tremor or seismic planetary phenomenon
  • "trank it": calm down
  • TransVid: television
  • tulipian buds: exotic appetizier or side dish made from vegetables
  • turbolaser: the laser guns on a Viper[8]


  • centimetron: 1/100th of a metron; about 1/2 inch



  • centari: equivalent to nearly one minute; one hundred microns
  • centon: equivalent to nearly one hour; one hundred centari
  • cubit: the cubit is said to be made from oregg, although this is never mentioned in the series
  • micron: equivalent to a fraction of a second; 1/100th of a centari
  • week: defined as "ten days"; which would make 25 weeks in a yahren
  • yahren: while still equivalent to a year, a yahren is 250 days


  • With the numbers given, there is a noted disconnect between Earth time and Colonial time. For instance, someone living 100 yahren (2,500 weeks) in Colonial time would be only be 48 Earth years old. This explains why the Colonials appear to have a longer lifespan, as Adama noted that the Colonial lifespan was 200 yahren (96 Earth years).


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