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This is a list of answers to questions posed as a result of content from individual episodes from Season 4 of the Re-imagined Series. These questions are taken directly from the episode guides.


  • How does the Hybrid know Kendra Shaw?
Answer: The Hybrids are able to see into "the space between life and death", and thus know many things.
  • Is the Hybrid's warning that Kara Thrace is the harbinger of death true?
Answer: There are at least three ways in which Thrace acts as a harbinger of death. She forms an alliance with the rebel Cylons which leads to the attack on the Resurrection Hub, ending Cylon resurrection. She leads the fleet to Earth, a dead and ruined planet. This leads to an increase in depression and suicide within the fleet. Finally, she leads the fleet to a new planet where the Colonial human race, the Cylons, and the native humans will interbreed and give rise to a new civilization, thus dying and being reborn.
  • What does the First Hybrid mean when he says that Kara Thrace will lead the human race to their end?
Answer: Thrace leads the human race to their ultimate destination.
  • When the first Hybrid says "My children believe I am a god", to whom is he referring? The old model Cylons? The organic models?
Answer: The Centurion Guardians.
  • Did the Cylons abduct humans, such as Lucy Cain on Tauron, for further experimentation after abandoning their facilities on the ice planet?
Answer: The alliance between the Centurions and the Final Five meant an end to experimentation on humans. If Lucy Cain was abducted for this purpose, it would have to have been a splinter faction like the Guardians who were responsible.
  • If Saul Tigh fought in the first Cylon War, how was he created, since the Cylons had yet to create humanoid Cylons by the time of the armistice?
Answer: Tigh is one of a generation of Cylons far pre-dating the Centurions of the Twelve Colonies. His ancestors were created on the planet Kobol before the exodus of the thirteen tribes. Furthermore, he did not actually fight in the war, merely has false memories and records of having done so; however, he was alive at the time.
  • Were the captives from the ice planet rescued?
Answer: No. Commentary indicates that the room where the captives were being held was within the Guardian Basestar.
  • Why did the Centurions withdraw from the First War?
Answer: Saul Tigh, Ellen Tigh, Samuel Anders, Tory Foster, and Galen Tyrol made a deal with them, helping them create humanoid Cylons with resurrection capacity in exchange for an end to the war.

He That Believeth In Me

  • Does Charlie Connor survive the massive beating he experiences at the hands of Paulla Schaffer?
Answer: Yes. He is later seen among the participants in Gaeta's Mutiny.
  • Is Kara Thrace the final Cylon?
Answer: No. The final Cylon is Ellen Tigh. Thrace's resurrection is apparently supernatural.
  • Where did Thrace get her pristine Viper?
Answer: By the same mysterious means that she acquired a new identical body, uniform, and dogtags.
  • Are Thrace's claims about being to Earth true?
Answer: Yes. Her Viper was transported there by the maelstrom and then crashlanded, killing her.
  • Why have the Significant Seven Cylons been programmed to not think of the Final Five?
Answer: The Cavils don't wish the Leobens, D'Annas, Simons, Dorals, Sixes, and Sharons to know and contact the Final Five, as this would threaten the Cavils' genocidal manipulations of their society. The Cavils only pretend to have the same programming as the others, not letting on that they created the taboo in the first place.
  • Can the Significant Seven identify the Final Five once they are able to bypass this imperative?
Answer: None of the affected models have shown an ability to recover their memories of the Five's faces. However, once they are informed of the Five's identities, they are capable of understanding, retaining, and acting upon this information.

Six of One

  • Is the Virtual Baltar that Gaius Baltar sees the same as Caprica-Six's Virtual Baltar?
Answer: Most likely yes. The virtual Six and virtual Baltar are two distinct entities who are in contact with each other and can appear to more than one person.
  • Now that the telencephalic inhibitors have been removed from the Centurions, and they've attacked three of the Significant Seven, will they turn on the rest of their Cylon masters?
Answer: One of them will attack an Eight in response to the distress of a Hybrid she is attempting to disconnect, but this is a singular incident. The rebel Cylons will choose to give the Centurions their Basestar after the discovery of a new Earth. The Centurions and humanoid Cylons go their separate ways, with no reason to hold a grudge.
  • Will Kara Thrace truly lead the Demetrius to Earth?
Answer: No, but she will lead them to the rebel Basestar. The Basestar's Hybrid provides them with another clue towards Earth.
  • Other than Karl Agathon, who else will be accompanying Thrace on Demetrius?
Answer: Samuel Anders, Jean Barolay, Erin Matthias, Diana Seelix, Brendan Constanza, Felix Gaeta, Sharon Agathon, and Eammon Pike.
  • What will occur when Number One, as well as the two Fours and Fives, resurrect?
Answer: He will meet with the rebels to see what can be done about their disagreement. As they insist on unboxing the D'Annas and uniting with the Five, he will deceive them and lure them into a trap, which annihilates two of their three Basestars and leaves the surviving one heavily damaged.
  • Do the Ones truly believe that the Final Five are not with the human fleet, as Cavil claims?
Answer: The Cavils are well aware that Saul Tigh, Samuel Anders, Tory Foster, and Galen Tyrol are four of the Five and that they are with the human fleet.
  • Which of the remaining Cylon model numbers belong to which members of the Final Five?
Answer: The Final Five do not possess model numbers. They were each of them born to a Cylon mother and a Cylon father, rather than being developed in sequence.
  • Why does the Cylon fleet have Ones, Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives, Sixes and Eights, but no Sevens?
Answer: The missing Number Seven was a Cylon whose entire line was killed, by Cavil, decades before the Cylon Attack.
  • Did the awakened four gain any new knowledge?
Answer: No. They are aware that they are Cylons, and they have always been Cylons rather than being replacements, but have no knowledge of their place in the universe.
  • How many Centurions had their telencephalic inhibitors removed? Was it done only to the Centurions on this particular basestar? Or did it happen on a wider scale?
Answer: Only the Centurions with the rebel Cylons are now free. The other Cylons retain enslaved Centurions.
  • Why does the generally skeptical Cavil advocate blind obedience to the intentions of the mysterious "original programmers" and passionately oppose the search for the Final Five?
Answer: Because the programming against thinking about the Final Five actually comes from the Cavils themselves. Ironically, the Five are the actual original programmers and the Cavils have done everything possible to subvert their intentions.
  • Did Boomer only side with the Ones, Fours and Fives due to her relationship with Cavil, or was there some other motivation.
Answer: Boomer shares Cavil's bitterness about humanity and, like him, blames the Final Five for making her "human".

The Ties That Bind

  • Are all of the "renegade" Cylon baseships destroyed?
Answer: Two are destroyed, one survives with heavy damage.
  • Does Natalie escape?
Answer: Yes, her Basestar is the surviving one.
  • Now that power has shifted to the more aggressive models, will the Cylon renew their attacks on the humans, or will the stress and distraction of the Cylon civil war protect the human fleet for the time being?
Answer: The Cylons make no more direct attacks on the human fleet. When seen in "The Hub", Cavil and Boomer's main concern is with resolving the civil war.
  • Will Cally's death be declared as another execution that went unnoticed, such as those performed by the Circle?
Answer: Cally's death will be ruled a suicide, though Tyrol finds it difficult to comprehend.
  • Will Boomer abandon Cavil's side now that he has resorted to lethal measures against Natalie's faction?
Answer: No. Boomer does not change sides again until the Battle of The Colony.
  • How will Tyrol handle being a single parent?
Answer: Tyrol struggles greatly with his personal issues but does continues to be a father to Nicky. After it is discovered that Brendan Constanza is the biological father, Constanza begins taking on fatherly duties, but Tyrol intends to continue parenting Nicky as well. This is derailed by his later disillusionment with people in general, which prompts him to live alone on the new Earth.
  • Are Foster's actions indicating a gradual shifting of her allegiance from the humans to the Cylons?
Answer: Yes. She is the only member of the "Final Four" to willingly and immediately join the rebel Cylons on their Baseship after D'Anna is unboxed. She then takes part in the standoff between the Cylons and humans. She later advocates leaving their human allies behind.
  • What will Tyrol do should he discover that it was Foster who ejected Cally into space?
Answer: Tyrol kills Foster on the spot.
  • Has Hera been left in foster care by her parents? If so, who have they found to look after her?
Possible Answers: There is a daycare center aboard Galactica, and Anastasia Dualla is seen babysitting Hera while her parents are on duty in "Sometimes a Great Notion". Dualla states in that episode that she has done so before.
  • What is Foster's true motivation for killing Cally Tyrol?
Answer: Speaking with Comic Mix, Mark Verheiden states that Foster was concerned Cally would expose her and the other Cylons, and possibly was jealous of Cally's relationship with Chief Tyrol[1].

Escape Velocity

  • Will Lee Adama grow more sympathetic towards Baltar's group?
Answer: He will trust Baltar enough to arm his group against troublemakers in Dogsville, but not enough to allow them representation in the government.
  • Will Roslin learn that Foster is associating with Baltar?
Answer: Yes.
  • Will Foster clash with Tigh and Tyrol, as their different attitudes towards their Cylon nature develop?
Answer: Tigh and Foster take opposite sides during the standoff between D'Anna's Cylons and the fleet, and again during the debate of whether or not the Cylons and humans should go their separate ways. Tyrol sides with Foster in this later argument, having grown emotionally disconnected from humanity.
  • Do Tigh and Six frak?
Answer: Yes, and this becomes an ongoing relationship.
  • Are Tyrol's statements about Cally's negative attributes heartfelt, or merely a result of rage and anger?
Answer: The latter.
  • Will Baltar's religion end up helping the people of the Fleet, or will it lead them into a dangerous state which compromises them, as Laura Roslin appears to fear?
Answer: Baltar's religion grows ever more popular within the fleet, but does not lead to any further serious incidents. In fact, the cultists will be charged with keeping the peace in Dogsville after Gaeta's Mutiny results in a shortage of marines.

The Road Less Traveled

  • What have Tigh and Caprica-Six been doing recently?
Answer: They are continuing to have intercourse during his visits to her cell.
  • Does Conoy sense that Anders is a fellow Cylon?
Answer: Conoy may sense something about Anders, but he is not aware of the Five's identities until they are revealed publicly.
  • Will Galen Tyrol begin to associate with Baltar?
Answer: Yes. He continues to attend Baltar's speeches. During Gaeta's mutiny he is working to defensify Baltar's group, and arranges for a Raptor from the Baseship to come and get Baltar to safety.


  • What does the Hybrid's statement that the Five come from "the home of the thirteenth" mean?
Answer: The Five are members of the Thirteenth Tribe and were born on Earth.
  • Will Thrace tell anyone about the Hybrid calling her "the harbinger of death"?
Answer: Thrace tells Leoben Conoy after the two of them find her dead body on Earth, and discusses the word "harbinger" with Helo in the extended version of "Islanded in a Stream of Stars".
  • Does anyone else hear the Hybrid's words to her?
Answer: On Earth, Conoy is surprised to learn that the Hybrid said this to Thrace.
  • Will Helo and the others have to answer for their mutiny?
Answer: Comic Mix's interview with Mark Verheiden indicates that the incident was glossed over[2].
  • How will Gaeta's injury affect his duties? Will his leg be amputated?
Answer: His leg is amputated when the Demetrius returns to the fleet. Gaeta appears to continue performing his duties well, though he experiences irritation of the stump.
  • What would have happened if Anders had put his hand in the data-font?
Answer: The Five are capable of interfacing with Cylon datastreams.
  • Does the revelation that the Final Five are from Earth and can lead the fleet to it encourage the hidden four to reveal themselves?
Answer: No.
  • How will the Cylon rebels unbox the Threes?
Answer: Ultimately they will not have to, as Cavil and Boomer will unbox D'Anna themselves just prior to the Battle of the Resurrection Hub in order to reason with her.
  • Will Barolay's death, despite the execution of the Six, affect the truce amongst the Colonials once they discover that two from the Demetrius mission are dead?
Answer: The matter is never brought up onscreen.
  • Is Conoy the only Two left amongst the Cylon rebels?
Answer: No. Characters continue to refer to there being "Twos" or "Leobens", in plural, on the Baseship.

Guess What's Coming to Dinner?

  • Where does the rebel Baseship jump to?
Answer: Nowhere in particular. It continues to jump periodically until it catches up with the Resurrection Hub.
  • How will the Quorum and Tom Zarek react to the loss of Laura Roslin? What about Admiral Adama?
Answer: The power vacuum has immediate repercussions, as Admiral Adama refuses to work with Vice President Zarek and goes over the Quorum's heads in the matter of searching for the missing Baseship. Adama ultimately realizes that he can't be objective due to his personal feelings for President Roslin, gives Tigh command, and stays behind in a Raptor in the hope of rendezvousing with Roslin.
  • Does Natalie survive her gun-shot wounds?
Answer: No.
  • What will Adama do about Agathon?
Answer: Put her in the brig.
  • Will Colonel Tigh face any consequences for failing to protect Natalie?
Answer: No.
  • What will Adama and Tigh think happened to the baseship? Will they assume that the rebels intentionally abducted Roslin and the other humans aboard?
Answer: They assume (correctly) that Athena's shooting of Natalie has caused the current crisis.
  • Does the Hybrid jump the baseship as an automatic reaction upon reactivation, or with intent?
Answer: The Hybrid jumps in distress over the shooting of Natalie, but moves towards the Resurrection Hub.
  • What will the re-activated Hybrid tell Laura Roslin, if anything at all?
Answer: The Hybrid is not very forthcoming with Roslin, but does mention the reactivation of D'Anna and make references to "close the door" and "protect the child", which evoke the Opera House vision.
  • Is Samuel Anders among the pilots on the baseship?
Answer: No. He remains on Galactica.
  • What will Gaeta do after he recovers from his amputation?
Answer: Gaeta returns to duty, and later leads a mutiny against Admiral Adama in objection to the alliance with the rebel Cylons.
  • How will the rebel Cylons react when they discover Natalie has been shot?
Answer: They do not have much of a reaction when they discover from the Hybrid that something has befallen Natalie. It is not shown onscreen whether the full details are ever explained to them.
  • What is the meaning of Hera's drawings?
Answer: Caprica-Six protects Hera during the Battle of The Colony.

Sine Qua Non

Answer: No.
  • Will she be allowed or able to give birth to what would be the first fully Cylon child?
Answer: She will miscarry. No one will directly attempt to prevent the birth (though she will be among the prisoners taken during Gaeta's Mutiny while still pregnant, and the mutineers could have planned to kill her).
  • How will the other Cylons react?
Answer: The other Cylons are surprised and enthused. The unborn child's existence gives them hope that the Cylons will be able to survive as a people even without resurrection.
  • Could two members of the Final Five (unlike the Significant Seven) procreate with each other?
Answer: Their tribe was able to procreate on Earth; however, Saul and Ellen Tigh have never managed to conceive children, apparently because Ellen, personally, is barren. Tory Foster did not become pregnant from her recent liason with Sam Anders or her past relationship with Galen Tyrol, and it is unknown how fertile any of these three are.
Answer: Some still view her with deep-seated suspicion.
  • Will Zarek attempt to undermine or manipulate President Adama?
Answer: Zarek is not seen to do this during Lee Adama's acting presidency.
  • Will Adama manage to find Roslin by waiting out in deep space?
Answer: Yes.

The Hub

  • What role does the Hub play in the proper functioning of other Resurrection Ships?
Answer: Baltar stated in "Resurrection Ship, Part I", based on his interrogation of Gina Inviere, that the ships were created to extend the range of the normal downloading process.
  • Why do the Cylons have only one Resurrection Hub and the implied inability to build another?
Answer: They are unable to build another Hub because the necessary knowledge to recreate resurrection technology belongs only to the Final Five.
  • What will happen to Baltar now that his guilt regarding the attack on the Colonies has been revealed?
Answer: Roslin is not seen to reveal this to any other character.
  • Will Lee Adama relinquish the presidency back to Laura Roslin?
Answer: Yes.


  • Is Biers honest in her claim that there are only four of the Final Five in the Fleet?
Answer: Yes.
  • What happened to Earth?
Answer: Nuclear war broke out between the Thirteenth Tribe and Centurion-like Cylons that they created, resulting in mutual annihilation and the ruin of the planet.
  • What condition is the rest of Earth in?
Answer: The same.
  • Was Earth in the same condition the last time Thrace was there?
Answer: Yes.
  • Will the other Cylons find the Fleet and the rebels, as well as Earth?
Answer: The Cylons loyal to Cavil do not find their enemies at Earth. Their next contact is the "escape" of Boomer and Ellen Tigh back to the human fleet.
  • Does the Thirteenth Tribe still exist? If so, where are they now? Or was there never a Thirteenth Tribe at all?
Answer: The Thirteenth Tribe has five survivors: the Final Five. The other humanoid Cylons could be considered members as well, given their "descendancy" from the Five.
  • Is Pythia's book literally accurate history or metaphors for real historical events places and things or totally false?
Answer: Pythia's book is at least partially accurate, for example, the Lion's Head nebula was really encountered by the Thirteenth Tribe and they did settle Earth and build a Temple of Aurora.
  • Will the Colonials and their Cylon allies settle on Earth, or will they move on in hopes of finding a more suitable planet?
Answer: The latter.
  • Will Tigh, Anders, and Tyrol continue their duties on Galactica despite having been exposed as Cylons? Or will their hatred of the Cylons persist?
Answer: Hatred of them as Cylons persists, but the three continue to live on Galactica. Tigh continues as XO. Tyrol does not continue in his duties until asked to do so by Admiral Adama, following Gaeta's Mutiny. Anders' status is unclear.
  • Now that his brief presidency has come to an end, will Lee Adama resume his duties on the Quorum? If not, what will his new role be?
Answer: Lee Adama resumes his duties on the Quorum; however, President Roslin's illness and her despondency over the ruined Earth will both result in him taking a more active role in the government.
  • Will Caprica-Six join the rebels or pursue further relations with Baltar or Tigh?
Answer: Caprica-Six remains with Tigh and cohabitates with him on Galactica until her miscarriage.
  • In what year do the Colonials arrive on Earth?
Answer: circa 148,000 BC.

Sometimes a Great Notion

  • How did the Final Five come to be living in the Twelve Colonies 2000 years after their deaths on Earth, without their memories and unaware of being Cylons?
Answer: They resurrected after the holocaust on Earth and made a sublight journey to Colonial space over 2000 years. They were later betrayed by Cavil and seeded by him into the Colonies with false memories.
  • How will the Cylons in Cavil's faction respond to the discovery of the identities of the Final Five?
Answer: Boomer and Cavil himself are already aware. Simon and Doral's reactions are not seen, though the extended version of "Daybreak" makes it clear that they become aware of this information at some point (Cavil says that one of the Final Five is disrupting their systems, and Doral says that it must be Anders).
  • What similarities and differences exist between the method by which the Final Five were reborn and the Significant Seven's process of resurrection?
Answer: It is the same process.
  • Did the Thirteenth Tribe Cylons have any influence on the development of the Significant Seven 2000 years later, or was it mere parallel evolution?
Answer: The Final Five created the Significant Seven.
  • Does the presence of children among the Thirteenth Tribe indicate that they reproduced among themselves?
Answer: Yes.
  • If the Thirteenth Tribe reproduced biologically, did the Final Five have Cylon parents, grandparents or other ancestors on Earth?
Answer: Yes.
  • Given the speculation following "Revelations" that the survey site at the end of that episode and the start of this, was in Brooklyn, with the remains of the Brooklyn Bridge in the background; and given that the writers paid an homage to Planet of the Apes with Leoben's Dr. Zaius quote; is the thick, stubby structure in the background toward which Colonel Tigh wades at the episode's end, the pedestal on Liberty Island?
Answer: No, nor is it even on the same planet. The speculation mentioned above was off track.
  • Was Ellen Tigh able to resurrect after her death in "Exodus, Part II"? If so, is she with the Cavil faction?
Answer: Yes and yes.
  • Did Ellen Tigh resurrect between the events of the Miniseries and Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down? If so, how did she get aboard Rising Star?
Answer: Her miraculous survival was due to the intervention of Cavil, who wanted to prolong her suffering, not resurrection.
  • Was Ellen Tigh aware of her Cylon identity?
Answer: She was as unaware as the other four until she resurrected.
  • Was Ellen Tigh the one who D'Anna Biers apologized to in her vision?
Answer: Yes.
  • What is Kara Thrace?
Answer: She is some kind of divine messenger or harbinger in human form.
  • Will Thrace or Conoy tell anyone about their discovery? How will others respond to this information?
Answer: Thrace will reveal it to a vision of her father and to Baltar. Baltar will make it public. After learning of Thrace's discovery, Lee Adama will make it clear to her that he doesn't care how or why she is still alive, just that she is.
  • Will Tigh reveal Ellen's status as the final Cylon?
Answer: Tigh informs the Adamas, Roslin, and Zarek.
  • Will D'Anna Biers stay on Earth?
Answer: Yes.
  • With D'Anna Biers remaining behind on Earth, who will take over as the leader of the rebel Cylon faction?
Answer: A Number Six named Sonja is appointed to represent them in Quorum meetings.
  • Were the Thirteenth Tribe Cylons generally aware of Cylon resurrection/reincarnation, and the cyclical nature of Cylon life, or was Ellen Tigh unusually prophetic?
Answer: Ellen is talking about the resurrection technology which she and the other four of the Final Five have recreated at the research facility where they worked, and placed on a ship in orbit. The Thirteenth Tribe used resurrection before they could procreate.
  • Three refers to "the bones of [her] ancestors", yet no Significant Seven models are depicted in either flashback scene, and early Colonial Cylons (Graystone's creations and Centurion Model 0005s) were created two millenia after Earth's destruction. What is the lineage of the Significant Seven?
Answer: The Final Five created the Significant Seven, thus the Significant Seven are able to claim descendancy from the Thirteenth Tribe. Even before this was known, the use of the word "ancestors" is legitimate, as D'Anna is referring to an earlier generation that was the same race as she.

A Disquiet Follows My Soul

  • How many others on Galactica have sided with Gaeta and Zarek?
Answer: Seelix, Racetrack, Skulls, Connor, Narcho, Kelly, Gage, Vireem, and several marines.
  • Has Zarek actually been involved in any corrupt activities during his time as vice president?
Answer: He believed Adama's document to be legitimate, thus he must have been involved in some corrupt activities.
  • What is Tyrol's status in the Colonial Fleet? In this episode, he was seen wearing only civilian clothing and was advocating for the Cylons. Has Tyrol resigned from the Colonial Fleet? Has he chosen to live amongst the Cylons in the fleet permanently?
Answer: Tyrol is no longer active as a Galactica crewman. He is continuing to associate with Baltar's cult.
  • Will Zarek attempt to align with both Baltar and his followers in the pending rebellion? Will Baltar exploit the coming rebellion to regain power over the fleet?
Answer: Baltar and his group are opposed to the mutiny, and Baltar flees Galactica for the rebel Baseship, though the cult do not come to blows with the mutineers.

The Oath

  • Where are Kara Thrace, Lee Adama, and Galen Tyrol heading off to?
Answer: Apollo and Starbuck are headed to find others loyal to Adama and Roslin. Tyrol is going to sabotage the FTL drive to prevent the mutineers from jumping the Galactica anywhere.
  • How will the rebel Cylons react to the uprising?
Answer: Their initial reaction is to panic and plan on abandoning the fleet. Roslin convinces them to remain and make a stand in support of Adama.
  • Will Roslin enlist the aid of the rebel Cylons to bring down Zarek?
Answer: Yes.
  • Where do other crew members such as Hot Dog and Doc Cottle stand?
Answer: Neither Hotdog nor Cottle is part of the mutiny.
  • Were Gaeta's men actually planning to execute Lee Adama?
Answer: Yes.
  • Will any of the mutineers switch sides? What about the loyalists?
Answer: Aaron Kelly and some marines switch sides. None of the loyalists do.
  • Will Skulls survive his injuries?
Answer: Yes.
  • Will Gaeta take advantage of the mutiny to seek personal vengeance against Tigh, Anders, Thrace, and Baltar?
Answer: He does not get the opportunity.
  • Will Hotdog realize what has happened on Galactica and attempt to prevent Narcho from shooting down Roslin's Raptor?
Answer: Yes.
  • Will Specialist Gage follow through with his promise to sexually assault Sharon Agathon?
Answer: He does not get the opportunity.
  • Will massive military executions proceed following the final result of Gaeta's mutiny?
Answer: Gaeta and Zarek are executed, the other mutineers are imprisoned on Astral Queen.

Blood on the Scales

  • What repercussions will the Quorum's assassination have on the Fleet?
Answer: The fleet will adopt a new Quorum system based on ships rather than the old colonies.
  • What is the significance of the damage Tyrol discovers in the engine room? Has it been there long, or is it a result of the improper shut down of the FTL drive? Do other areas of the ship show similar signs of damage?
Answer: Battle damage and age have combined to make Galactica's days numbered. There are similar faults throughout the ship.
  • Will Anders survive his injuries? Were Starbuck and Lampkin even successful in getting him to sickbay?
Answer: Yes and yes. However, he suffers permanent brain damage.
  • What will be done to the 25 ships who did not obey Roslin's order to power down their FTL drives?
Answer: No repercussions are seen.
  • Will the FTL upgrades proceed once order has been brought back completely?
Answer: Yes.
  • Will Helo survive his injuries?
Answer: Yes.
  • How will Baltar's new-found sense of responsibility toward his flock change his behavior?
Answer: Baltar rejoins his flock, albeit with reluctance, then experiences the need to re-establish himself as leader in place of Paulla Schaffer.
  • Will the Cylons' assistance of, and subordination to, President Roslin (and/or Colonial political leaders' fears of being associated with the failed coup d'état) secure them the citizenship and Quorum representation they seek?
Answer: They obtain Quorum representation in exchange for deferring to Admiral Adama's authority in military matters.
  • With Zarek dead and Lee Adama being the only surviving member of the Quorum (or one of the few surviving members, considering that two regular delegates were replaced by stand-ins), will he become the new Vice President?
Answer: Yes.
  • With most of the Quorum dead, will Roslin and Adama use the attempted mutiny as a basis to declare martial law?
Answer: No, though the new Quorum, being composed of ships' captains, is less democratic than the original.

No Exit

  • Did the Final Five base any of the Significant Eight models besides Number One/John Cavil (made to resemble Ellen's father John) on people they knew?
Possible Answer: According to Kevin Murphy in an interview about Caprica Season 2, the Number Six model may have been based on Zoe Graystone and the Number Eight model may have been based on Tamara Adama. Obviously, they are not exact likenesses.