Gaeta's Mutiny

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Gaeta's Mutiny
Gaeta and Adama in the CIC
Conflict: Internal Battles
Date: Approximately 4 years after the Fall of the Twelve Colonies
Related Episode(s): The Oath
Blood on the Scales
Place: Battlestar Galactica
Colonial One
Result: Mutiny collapses
Adama/Roslin loyalists

Cylon rebel faction

Gaeta/Zarek faction
Admiral William Adama
President Laura Roslin
Galen Tyrol
Rebel basestar command
Lieutenant Felix Gaeta
Vice President Tom Zarek
~100+ on Galactica
10 civilian ships
Rebel basestar
~100+ on Galactica
25 civilian ships
Materiel Losses
Quorum of Twelve assassinated
Minor damage to the Rebel basestar
Galactica’s FTL drive rendered temporarily inoperable
Unknown Unknown
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Standoff Between Galactica and the Cylon Rebels Gaeta's Mutiny Battle of The Colony

Gaeta's Mutiny is an attempted coup led by Junior Lieutenant Felix Gaeta and Vice President Tom Zarek to overthrow both President Laura Roslin and Admiral William Adama following their establishment of an alliance with the Cylon rebel faction.


Following the discovery of Earth, tensions within the Fleet begin to rise. Roslin's power as a religious icon diminishes, and she largely withdraws from her official duties. Recognizing the desperate situation of the Fleet, Adama proposes an alliance with the rebel Cylons, whereby the Cylons will upgrade the Fleet's FTL drives, thus tripling their jump range, in exchange for protection from Galactica and a seat on the Quorum of Twelve. Though the Quorum of Twelve, led by Zarek, votes against allowing the Cylons to board ships in the Fleet, Adama declares the matter a military decision, overruling the Quorum and permitting the Cylons to install the upgrades. When the workers on the Fleet's refinery ship Hitei Kan revolt, kill the Cylon work crew and Galactica Marines aboard and jump the ship, Adama has Zarek arrested. Having become more disturbed by Adama's actions, Gaeta begins to quietly build support among members of the crew and, following the events on Hitei Kan, meets with Zarek in the brig. There, the two men agree that Adama and Roslin must be removed from power in order to prevent the alliance and restore democracy (TRS: "A Disquiet Follows My Soul").


0600 - 0800

  • 0623 - Junior Lieutenant Felix Gaeta and a group of marines free Vice President Tom Zarek from the brig and escorts him to the hangar deck, where Lieutenant Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson convinces the deck crew and assembled civilians that her Raptor is leaking fuel and orders them all to evacuate the Deck. Zarek, Gaeta and the marines approach the Raptor but are interrupted by Deck Chief Peter Laird. Laird notes that the Raptor is scheduled for an emergency medical transport and not a VIP shuttle. While Gaeta unsuccessfully attempts to explain the situation, Zarek manages to sneak up behind Laird and kills him with a wrench. Zarek boards the Raptor and departs for Colonial One.
  • 0704 - When Gaeta reports for duty, Lieutenant Louis Hoshi notices that there is a launch in progress and that he doesn't have any scheduled in the flight log. Gaeta responds that maybe it is an error and that he should look over the flight log for an update by Laird. When he finds none in the flight log, he suggests calling down to the flight deck. Gaeta stops him and points out that there is not a transponder signal and when Tigh questions Gaeta, his response is that it is probably a DRADIS ghost. Given the condition of Galactica and the difficulties in maintaining the battlestar, the Admiral and XO accept this explanation, permitting Zarek to escape to Colonial One.
  • 0741 - The Quorum of Twelve is in an emergency session regarding Zarek's arerst and the issue of the Cylon FTL drives when Zarek walks into the room, surprising everyone including Caprican Quorum delegate Lee Adama.
  • In CIC, everything goes according to plan as an alarm sounds, indicating a fire on C Deck near the main antennas. Adama orders in the damage control (DC) units, but Gaeta points out that the fire might not be an accident and that they will be in the dark if the antenna array goes down. Adama orders a Marine detail to escort the DC units, thus allowing more Marines to join the mutineers in the forward section of C Deck, raiding the small arms locker.

0800 - 1000

  • 0812 - Captain Kara "Starbuck" Thrace is fencing with Junior Lieutenant Brendan "Hot Dog" Constanza about his fatherhood and sexual prowess in the Officers' Quarters, when the loudspeaker announces the fire. Thrace confronts Lieutenant Noel "Narcho" Allison about fire control duties and is rudely rebuffed. Immediately suspicious, Thrace comes upon Marines and civilians, led by Charlie Connor, arming themselves and discussing battle plans. Thrace arms herself in turn and tries to warn CIC, but Gaeta refuses to let her speak to the Admiral.
  • Lee Adama attempts to contact his father to find out the reasoning behind Zarek's release. Zarek suggests to Lee, who is having trouble getting a hold of his father on Galactica, that the Admiral only released him because he didn't believe the civilian government posed a threat to his authority. Lee leaves to prove Zarek wrong, thus leaving the Quorum to Zarek.
  • In the CIC Gaeta informs Adama and Tigh that they have lost communications ship-wide, as well as backups.
  • 0902 - On the hangar deck, Lee is greeted by Marines and Charlie Connor who proceed to rough him up and take him hostage. Before they are able to do anything more, Thrace interrupts and kills the marine pointing a gun at Lee's head. Following this, she shoots Hamish "Skulls" McCall in the shoulder. She forces the others to release Lee and the two escape.
  • Thrace and Lee regroup in a dry storage locker, and plan their next move.
  • 0908 - Back in the CIC, Hoshi realizes that the devices used to scan for carbon monoxide sensors should be going through the roof, but he only reads normal levels. Adama is tired of being blind and sends his personal Marine, Private Stewart Jaffee, to go to C Deck and report back.
  • All three Agathons are thrown in the brig, where they find Caprica-Six and Samuel Anders. Athena reasons that they are needed alive as bargaining chips for the rebel Cylons.
  • 0913 - Lee and Kara make their way through Galactica's F Deck, where pitched battles between civilians and Marines are taking place.
  • 0922 - Private Jaffee returns and reports what he has found, Gaeta suddenly orders the Marines to take Adama, Tigh, Hoshi and the senior staff into custody. Rebel Marines draw their weapons and surround the Admiral and his staff. A brief firefight ensues in which Jaffee is killed. Adama reluctantly orders his men to stand down. He and Gaeta then exchange harsh words, both accusing the other of betraying their oaths to defend the ship and her crew. Before he is escorted off the CIC, Adama warns that there will be neither forgiveness nor amnesty for those involved in the mutiny.
  • 0925 - Thrace and Lee Adama make it to Laura Roslin, informing her of the situation and how desperate it is. Roslin decides to come out and publicly address the Fleet in hopes that they will listen to her. However, with communications down, they have no way to contact the rest of the Fleet. Roslin knows of a way they can get a message out: Gaius Baltar's wireless.
  • 0934 - Gaeta has taken command in CIC, and when Specialist Gage hestitates to follow an order, he is reminded firmly by Gaeta to "stay with us."
  • 0942 - Thrace, Roslin, and Lee make it to Baltar's compartment, where Galen Tyrol is organizing a defense against the mutineers. Tyrol informs them that the Admiral has been captured and warns them against using the ship communications system. Thrace and Lee rush off to find Adama.
  • 0947 - Adama and Tigh overcome their marine guards, killing Maldonaldo and taking Nowart prisoner. They arm themselves with the Marines's pistols and rifles.
  • Roslin tries to convince Baltar to let her use his pirate transmitter. He acquiesces, against Paulla Schaffer's advice.
  • 0956 - Adama and Tigh observe Connor giving orders to a mixed group of civilians and Marines. They question their prisoner as to their destination, learning that all essential personnel and Cylons were being put in the brig on Gaeta's orders. They move out toward the brig, hoping to secure some allies.

1000 - 1200

  • 1012 - In CIC, Gaeta is informed that the Fleet's ships are attempting to contact Galactica. He has them put on speaker and requests a secure line to Zarek. Gaeta reports to Zarek that Galactica is secured under his control and that Admiral Adama is under guard. Zarek ruefully notes that Adama still being alive is a loose end, but congratulates Felix with some flowery phrases. Gaeta replies that they can "fine-tune their rationalizations later."
  • Suddenly, Roslin's voice cuts through the babble of ships' captains, urging calm, explaining the reasons behind the Cylon-Human alliance, and urging them to keep the faith and to not follow the traitorous elements. Gaeta jams the transmission, but not before the people hear most of what Roslin had to say.
  • 1017 - Elsewhere, Adama and Tigh run into Thrace and Lee at the brig, where others are being held. The brig is too heavily guarded, so they decide to regroup with Tyrol at a secondary airlock.
  • 1021 - Roslin and Baltar discuss Gaeta and their mutual bad judgment in presidential aides.
  • 1023 - Kara, Lee, Tigh, and Adama regroup. While Thrace scouts ahead, Lee and Tigh argue about Cylons and humans before Adama tells them both to shut up. They then head toward the secondary airlock.
  • 1027 - Baltar makes a personal call to Gaeta attempting to bring him to his senses, but fails. A Raptor coming from the Cylon baseship is detected on DRADIS. Gaeta realizes they are not headed to the hangar deck.
  • 1032 - The Raptor docks at the secondary storage airlock, where the Adamas, Tigh, Thrace, Tyrol, Roslin, and Baltar are waiting. Roslin and Baltar board the Raptor which heads off for the rebel Basestar, while Admiral Adama and Tigh stay behind to cover the president's escape and try to retake the ship from the mutineers. Thrace, Lee, and Tyrol head off to continue their fight elsewhere.
  • Gaeta orders Narcho to destroy the fleeing Raptor, meanwhile Admiral Adama and Tigh engage the Marines attempting to break into the airlock.
  • 1041 - President Roslin and Gaius Baltar manage to escape Galactica on a Raptor to the Cylon baseship. Gaeta tries to have her shot down, but after Roslin identifies herself Constanza—apparently not in on the mutiny—hesitates and allows Roslin to make it to the baseship safely despite Narcho's attempts to destroy the Raptor. Tigh and Adama are captured by Marines led by Aaron Kelly after being knocked out by a stun grenade, Adama having decided to stay behind to try to retake the ship and Tigh supporting him.
  • 1051 - Roslin and Baltar meet with the rebel Cylons on the baseship. The Cylons on the baseship want to flee, but Roslin manages to convince them to stay and support Adama.
  • Kelly returns Adama to Gaeta in CIC, attempting to force him to tell Roslin to surrender. Adama refuses and removes his rank insignia, telling Gaeta to call Roslin himself and "make her laugh."
  • The Cylons move their ship further into the Fleet for protection but Gaeta has it scatter, quarantining the baseship.
  • 1116 - Zarek, the Quorum in tow, arrives on Galactica, observed by Lee and Starbuck.
  • 1118 - Roslin attempts to make a broadcast to the Fleet with no luck.
  • Gaeta and Zarek meet, discussing the presence of the Quorum, and a trial for Adama.
  • 1131 - Tyrol sees Romo Lampkin being escorted by Kelly and several Marines to the Admiral's Quarters.
  • 1148 - Admiral Adama is tried for various crimes with Gaeta (now a Commander) as the people's representative and Zarek as the judge with Romo Lampkin as Adama's lawyer.
  • Tyrol enters the ship's vents.

1200 - 1400

  • 1222 - Zarek tries to convince the Quorum to accept the state of affairs, but when Sagittaron delegate Jacob Cantrell asks him to leave, apparently supporting Roslin, he has them murdered. Kelly is visibly disturbed by this event.
  • 1245 - Felix Gaeta views the dead bodies of the Quorum with shock and horror and confronts Zarek angrily. Zarek retorts that there is no turning back and that Adama must be executed.
  • Tyrol crawls through the ship's vents.
  • 1248 - Tory Foster informs Roslin that the Cylons have decided to jump away. Roslin refuses to accept this, and talks passionately to the Cylons, convincing them to stay.
  • Tyrol exits the crawlspace at an arms locker where Kelly ambushes him only to let him go after sharing a brief rapport; Kelly's support of the mutiny continues to falter.
  • Lampkin tries to convince Adama to sign a statement, but he refuses to betray his beliefs. Lampkin whispers to him that his people are working to retake the ship and to give them time, but he is pushed away by Marine Parr.
  • Baltar is comforted on the baseship by Lida.
  • 1337 - Lee Adama and Kara Thrace, still free, manage to break into the brig and rescue the Cylons and Karl Agathon, and they join the two in the battle to retake the ship. Anders is seriously wounded and Kara stays behind to get him to Doctor Sherman Cottle for medical treatment while Caprica Six, Hera and the injured Helo go to Baltar's cult to hide out, reasoning that no one wants to go near there and they'll be safe.
  • 1342 - Adama's trial continues, Zarek is informed that the prisoners have escaped. He lies to Adama, telling him that Tigh was killed trying to escape. Adama refuses to answer any more questions, and he is sentenced to death by firing squad.
  • Roslin manages to make a broadcast with help from Leoben Conoy about the mutiny, asking the civilian ships to shut down their FTL drives just before she is jammed again.
  • Lampkin, being escorted from the "trial" by Parr, comes across Thrace and Anders. He breaks free, killing Parr and is finally convinced by Thrace to assist her in get help for Anders.

1400 - 1600

  • 1435 - 10 ships of 35 follow Roslin's orders and shut down their FTL drives. Gaeta gives jump coordinates to the remaining 25 and then has a firing squad led by Allison take Adama to a launch tube to be executed.
  • 1447 - Kelly, Allison, and Marines lead Adama to a launch tube. Kelly leaves the entourage and breaks down with remorse in the memorial hallway. He is found by Lee, Tigh, and Athena and tells them where Adama was being taken. Kelly renounces the mutiny and joins them.
  • On the baseship, Baltar dreams of Adama being executed. He is again comforted by Lida, but this time he decides to return to Galactica, realizing he has a responsibility to his followers there.
  • 1502 - On the hangar deck, Adama is bound to a chair before a firing squad.
  • 1524 - Roslin hails Galactica to demand Zarek and Gaeta's surrender.
  • Gaeta gets confirmation that Adama was executed. In reality he was rescued by Lee, Tigh, Athena and Kelly.
  • Adama convinces the firing squad to aid him in recapturing the ship, but Narcho, despite his respect for the Admiral, refuses to help anyone who won't fight the Cylons. Adama stops Tigh from executing Allison on the spot and instead has Allison tied up.
  • Tyrol continues down the crawlway.
  • In an attempt to get her to surrender in turn, Zarek claims to Roslin that Tigh was killed escaping and Adama was executed, but this only strengthens her resolve and has the baseship's weapons turned on Galactica.
  • 1528 - Gaeta sets the jump coordinates and prepares to jump Galactica.
  • Tyrol arrives in the engine room.
  • Adama, Lee, Tigh, Athena, Kelly, the Marine squad, and a gathering crowd of other loyalists make their way towards the CIC.
  • Gaeta tries to jump, but Tyrol manages to manually disable the FTL drive. Zarek begins to panic. Specialist Gage turns Galactica's weapons on the baseship. Realizing he's lost, Gaeta orders him to stand down. Seconds later, Adama and his men storm CIC and retake it without firing a shot, ending the mutiny. Adama contacts the baseship and gets Roslin and the Cylons to stand down now that he's back in command again.
  • 1532 - Galactica's CIC is secured by Admiral Adama and his loyalists. Gaeta and Zarek are led away.
  • Tyrol discovers ominous signs of structural damage in the engine room.


Gaeta and Zarek are executed by firing squad for their crimes at some later point (TRS: "Blood on the Scales"). The remaining mutineers are imprisoned on the Astral Queen, though they are later freed in exchange for participating in the Battle of The Colony (TRS: "Deadlock" podcast; "Daybreak, Part I").

Ironically, the mutiny ends up accomplishing the exact opposite of what it was intended to do. With a considerable number of Galactica's crew dead or imprisoned, the Colonials start flying joint CAPs with the rebel Cylons. In addition, there is a shortage of Marines on Galactica. Adama refuses to let Centurions on board the ship and instead decides to arm Baltar's cult to help control the civilian population in Dogsville (TRS: "Deadlock").

Furthermore, it is during the final stages of this mutiny that Tyrol discovers ominous signs of wear and tear on Galactica. Admiral Adama reluctantly agrees to allow Tyrol to use Cylon bio-technology and Cylon work crews from the baseship to fix the damage (TRS: "No Exit").

With the Quorum of Twelve decimated, it is replaced by the Quorum of Ships' Captains at Lee Adama's suggestion. The Quorum now comprises of captains representing the individual ships of the Fleet, rather than politicians representing the extinct Twelve Colonies. The Cylons are allowed to send their own representative to this new Quorum in the form of Sonja (TRS: "Someone to Watch Over Me").

Known Participants

All deaths resulting directly from the mutiny are marked with the crucifix symbol (†).

Galactica crew

All surviving mutineers were later pardoned by Admiral Adama and offered reinstatement if they agreed to join Galactica’s high risk assault on The Colony (TRS: "Daybreak, Part I").


Known Loyalists

Galactica crew


Cylons not part of Galactica's crew

On Galactica:

On the Baseship:

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