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Paolo McKay
Paolo McKay


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Introduced Exodus, Part II
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Portrayed by Lee Jefferies
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Paolo McKay in the separate continuity
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Paolo "Redwing" McKay[1] is a Viper pilot.

McKay participates in the Battle of New Caprica, flying as Brendan Costanza's wingman (Exodus, Part II).

Later, McKay leads a CAP with Margaret "Racetrack" Edmonson and Hamish "Skulls" McCall, before the Raptor loses control and violently crash-lands in Galactica's port landing bay (Escape Velocity).

McKay is part of the pilots stationed on the rebel Cylons' baseship for a joint attack mission on the Resurrection Hub. When the plan requires the human pilots to entrust their lives to the Cylons, he confronts a Number Six about her piloting skills, but is told to back off by Karl Agathon (The Hub).

He is mentioned as being a participant in Gaeta's mutiny leading a marine fire team ordered to secure the engine room. (The Oath)



  1. The name is shown in a shot when Margaret Edmonson's Raptor rendezvous with his flight (Escape Velocity).