Battle of NCD2539

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Battle of NCD2539
Conflict: Second Cylon War
Date: c. Day 851
Related Episode(s):
Place: The region of NCD2539, above/north
Result: Tactical draw
  • Galactica withdrawl
  • Colonial objective to infect Resurrection Ship failed
  • Death of Cylon hostages by suffocation outside of downloading range
Remnants of the Colonial Fleet Cylons
Admiral William Adama Basestar command
1 battlestar 4 basestars

1 Resurrection Ship

Materiel Losses
None Unknown
None Unknown, dozens of Raiders
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Battle of New Caprica Battle of NCD2539 Battle of the Algae Planet

The Battle of NCD2539 occurs when the Fleet, having recently taken several infected humanoid Cylon prisoners from an epidemic basestar, attempts to rid itself of the Cylon threat through the use of a virulent biological weapon.

President Roslin provides the presidential authorization required for the use of biological weapons. Galactica, leaving all civilian ships at a safe location, jumps to a location in open space near NCD2539, where a known Cylon supply route lies. Admiral Adama's intent is to lure Cylon forces, including coverage by a Resurrection Ship, into the area so that when the Colonials execute their infected Humanoid Cylon prisoners, download of their consciousnesses would infect the Cylon populace with a human virus with a bioelectric pathogen that could eventually annihilate the Cylon race.

Shortly after Galactica arrives, two scouting Raiders jump into the vicinity, then jump away after observing Galactica. Three basestars, later joined by a fourth and a Resurrection Ship appear within minutes. As part of their feint, Galactica launches multiple Vipers and Raptors, with the latter firing an open salvo of missiles into the Cylon Raider swarm.

No one in CIC knows that Galactica's prisoner compartment is vented as an act of mission sabotage (the saboteur being Karl "Helo" Agathon), asphyxiating the prisoners before the Resurrection Ship is in range. With the Cylons now nearby, Admiral Adama orders the execution of the Cylon prisoners. Attempting this, the prisoners are found to already be dead.

With the objective no longer possible, Admiral Adama aborts the mission, ordering his pilots to land and returning his battlestar to the Fleet (TRS: "A Measure of Salvation").


Raptors firing missiles.

In this engagement, Raptors are shown loaded to the teeth with weapons systems. In the past (TRS: Miniseries, "The Hand of God"), Raptors have rarely been depicted in actual combat, preferring instead to hang back while coordinating battlefield logistics. They have been shown armed in a few prior episodes (TRS: "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II", "Fragged"), and this is their most prominent combat role to date. The Raptors are using the external missile pods and cannons introduced in "Exodus, Part I & II" and engage in the same maneuver used to launch the decoy drones during the Battle of New Caprica.

Despite the damage inflicted during the Battle of New Caprica, Galactica shows her durability here by engaging in combat operations, successfully holding off a Cylon fleet for a short duration without suffering damage. At least some of the ship's point defense guns and main batteries appear functional.

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