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Paulla Schaffer
Paulla Schaffer


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Portrayed by Lara Gilchrist
Paulla Schaffer is a Cylon
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Paulla Schaffer in the separate continuity
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Paulla Schaffer is a Baltar cultist with fanatical religious tendencies.

She accompanies Jeanne in her successful attempt to extricate Derrick from Galactica's sickbay.

Later, she escorts Baltar to an officer's head where she gives Gaius Baltar the opportunity to shave his beard. During this visit, she and Baltar are assaulted by Shaunt and Charlie Connor, respectively. She manages to break free of Shaunt, who was trying to asphyxiate her, and fends off their attackers, savagely beating them.

En route back to the cultist's commune, she notes how she felt the power of God in her to "smite" their attackers; Baltar ruefully retorts that she should curtail her violent tendencies, or run the risk of being up on murder charges in the future (TRS: "He That Believeth In Me").

After Baltar's escape from Galactica during the mutiny (TRS: "The Oath"), Paulla assumes the role of leader for the cult, encouraging a more pragmatic lifestyle and more interaction with the other cultures on the ship. When Baltar returns, she unwillingly steps aside from the leadership role, but is happy when Baltar is able to procure weapons from Admiral William Adama for protection against the Sons of Ares and other violent gangs (TRS: "Deadlock").

When Baltar decides to remain on Galactica for the final assault on The Colony, he leaves Paulla in command of the cult. Presumably Paulla and the Cult subsequently settle on Earth (TRS: "Daybreak, Part II").

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