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The Three Casts From Each of the 3 Series

Characters make the story interesting in all three of the Battlestar Galactica series shows. Each series has no shortage of characters to make every show that has been produced interesting and dynamic. Dramatic changes have been made to the characters of the Original Series for the Re-imagined Series. Boomer in the original Battlestar Galactica was a black man, whereas Boomer in the Re-imagined Series is an Asian woman (and a Cylon). Religion, sexuality, and even nationality are now part of each characters' motives, making Galactica a place that is influenced by real-life situations.

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Adama Tigh Omega Rigel Athena Apollo Starbuck Boomer Jolly
Sheba Greenbean Cassiopeia Boxey Dr. Wilker Dr. Salik Baltar Lucifer Imp. Leader

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Adama Troy Dillon Jamie Hamilton Xaviar Jack Sydell Boomer Doctor Zee Starbuck
Starla Wellington Lancer Moonstone

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William Adama Laura Roslin Kara Thrace Lee Adama Gaius Baltar Number Six Number Eight Saul Tigh Karl Agathon Galen Tyrol
Felix Gaeta Anastasia Dualla Cally Tyrol Samuel Anders Number Three Ellen Tigh Tory Foster Billy Keikeya Number Two Number Five
Number One Number Four Tom Zarek Sherman Cottle Diana Seelix "Jammer" "Racetrack" Louanne Katraine "Hotdog" "Crashdown"

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Daniel Graystone Joseph Adama Amanda Graystone Zoe Graystone Sam Adama
Lacy Rand Clarice Willow William "Willie" Adama Cyrus Xander Jordan Duram


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