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Flight Corporal Rigel is a Colonial Core Command operative on battlestar Galactica. Rigel is noted for being a professional woman who approaches her responsibilities with enthusiasm.

Among her duties in Core Command, Rigel's primary responsibility is in the coordination of Viper defense and launch approval procedures (similar to a landing signal officer). She is also responsible for processing data Galactica receives from Vipers out on patrol. In one instance, she supplies information to Adama and Tigh concerning the Ravashol pulsar on Arcta (Gun on Ice Planet Zero).

Among her notable moments in Core Command, Rigel becomes quite joyous over the female pilots' successful defense of Salik's medical shuttle (Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I).


  • Rigel was credited only as "Woman on Duty" for "Saga of a Star World" and "Lost Planet of the Gods". This was changed in her subsequent appearances.
  • In "The Long Patrol", a computer readout lists Rigel as a sergeant and is thus inaccurate, as end credits for episodes list her as "Flight Coporal".
  • In the Re-imagined Series, Rigel's contemporary is Petty Officer Anastasia Dualla, but shares tactical data to command staff in a way similar to Lieutenant Felix Gaeta.
  • The name "Rigel" is taken from Beta Orionis, in the constellation Orion. It is a B8 Supergiant star, some 400 times brighter than the Earth's sun. It is believed to be a triple star system, but it is unlikely any of the stars within the system support life-bearing planets.
  • The name is a contraction of the Arabic "Rijl Jauza al-Yusra", meaning "left foot of the Central One", indicative of Rigel's position in the "left foot" of Orion.

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