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Role Viper pilot, Battlestar Galactica
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Portrayed by Jack Stauffer
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Bojay in the separate continuity

Bojay is a Viper pilot in the Colonial Fleet, holding the rank of lieutenant.

Bojay was attached as a Viper pilot aboard Galactica before being transferred to Pegasus and the Fifth Fleet two yahren prior to the Battle of Cimtar.

As with the rest of the Pegasus crew, Bojay is believed to have died at the Battle of Molecay. Instead, Commander Cain's undertook the unorthodox maneuver to take an indirect route to the Colonies, believing that the Cylons were lined up between Molecay and the Colonies.

Apparently typical of the Pegasus crew, Bojay finds offensive strikes to be as easy as breathing, and worships Cain as a "living legend". Ever since, he has participated in attacks on Gamoray, thwarting the Cylons' plans to make it the center of their "outer capital" and raiding it for fuel and other supplies.

Bojay and Lieutenant Sheba intercept Galactica Viper pilots Apollo and Starbuck while they are on a routine recon mission, subsequently escorting them back to Pegasus.

Bojay brags about the accomplishments of Cain during and after the Battle of Molecay, and is one of the first people (along with Cain's daughter, Sheba) to suggest mutiny after Adama relieves the war legend of command. He and Sheba both draw their laser pistols on Apollo, Boomer and Jolly during an attempt to transfer fuel to Galactica and the Fleet, as ordered by Commander Adama.[1] However, they holster their weapons when Baltar and the Cylons begin an attack on the Fleet, and the incident is never brought up again.

He, along with Sheba and a small, but armed, group of Pegasus pilots hinder Apollo, Flight Sergeant Jolly and Starbuck from completing a necessary fuel transfer from Pegasus stores to the Fleet (TOS: "The Living Legend, Part I"). Fortunately the oncoming onslaught of Cylon fighters diffuses this confrontation. After thwarting Baltar's devestating attack on the Fleet, plans are drafted to take the Cylon fuel stores on Gamoray.

Later, Bojay joins a fire team that takes care of the Cylon control center on Gamoray while Galactica shuttles would stock up with tylium fuel to get the fleet past the besieged "outer colony". He is injured during a ground skirmish with Cylon Centurions, and has to be evacuated to the nearby battlestar Pegasus, by order of Medtech Cassiopeia. He and other injured and "non-essential" personnel are shuttled to Galactica prior to Pegasus' attack on two Cylon basestars (TOS: "The Living Legend, Part II").

Bojay is absorbed into Blue Squadron. He is one of the fighter pilots that goes missing by the intervention of the Beings of Light (TOS: "War of the Gods, Part I").


  • The character of Bojay, portrayed by Jack Stauffer, was very much like Laurette Spang-McCook's character of Cassiopeia -- the character was to be killed. However, Glen A. Larson and his peers elected to keep the character on since Stauffer and Richard Hatch (Apollo) worked so well together.
  • Bojay is written into an early version of The Man with Nine Lives entitled The Furlon, however these scenes are cut.


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  1. Any charges for aiming a weapon at a fellow Warrior were not levied against them. A cut of Mission Galatica: The Cylon Attack does not include this scene.

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