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What would a SciFi show be without the cool toys? What about comics? Battlestar Galactica has no shortage of these items. Just like Star Trek the market place has been booming with Original Series and Re-imagined Series items. The comics — the home to usually "Hero" based storylines — have had a prolific production run. The books — another favorite of the Star Trek and Star Wars universe — have their own brands of flavoring dealing with both the Galactica 1980 series and the Original Series. Battlestar Galactica did have its own magazine "series", however it has since been canceled. Articles and news about Battlestar Galactica still play an important part in "inside information", and the cast and crew still provide details about the show through interviews. So whether you're into Cain or Starbuck (left), you just might want to take a look around to see what you else can get your hands on. Template:/box-footer Template:/box-header Portal:Merchandise/Selected Item Template:/box-footer

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Other Merchandise
  • Think Geek is now selling a "What the frak?" t-shirt and a hoodie, with a Battlestar Galactica logo behind the text.
  • Figures.com has an image of Diamond Select Toys' upcoming Kat, Starbuck, and Helo figures, along with a look at Minimates series 4 and DST's upcoming Viper Mark II statue.
  • The Avenging Angels T-shirt similar to what Willy Adama owned in an episode of Caprica can be purchased here from the Syfy store
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