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Season One
Season One
A season of the Re-imagined Series
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Number of Episodes 13 (list)
Executive Producer(s) Ronald D. Moore
David Eick
US airdates USA 2005-01-14 — 2005-04-01
CAN airdates CAN 2005-01-15 — 2006-04-09
UK airdates UK 2004-10-18 — 2005-01-24
DVD release USA USA 2005-09-20
USA USA 2007-12-04 (HD DVD)
UK UK 2005-03-28
AUS AUS 2005-08-15
Starting Population 50,298 survivors
Ending Population 47,887 survivors (Symbol Down Arrow.svg -2,411)
Extended Info A two-part miniseries was shown as the pilot for Season 1.
Season Chronology
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(None) Season 1 (2004-05) Season 2 (2005-06)
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After the Cylons genocidal attack on the Twelve Colonies, a rag-tag fugitive fleet under the aegis of the battlestar Galactica tackles the problems inherent of their evasive flight from their murderers.

Pivotal Plot Points

  • There are Cylon infiltrators that resemble humans in the Fleet. These infiltrators may or may not know their true Cylon natures, such as Sharon Valerii.
  • Laura Roslin is treating her cancer using Chamalla extract, the result of which are hallucinations that seem to fit with the writings of the oracle Pythia.
  • The issues surrounding the death of Zak Adama still remain a point of contention between Lee Adama and his father, William Adama. Kara Thrace reveals to them the truth, which opened some reconciliation for the Adamas.
  • Gaius Baltar has been commissioned to create a Cylon detector. While early attempts at this were a ruse, he later perfects the device, only to hide its results for fear of discovery of his part in the Fall of the Twelve Colonies.
  • Galactica must tackle issues dealing with basic ship and human requirements, including but not limited to water (Water) and ship fuel tylium (The Hand of God).
  • The Colonials' religious beliefs are polytheistic, whereas the Cylons religious beliefs are monotheistic in nature, with their beliefs appearing to indicate that the Cylons were fated to destroy mankind.
  • Lt. Sharon Valerii (Boomer) begins questioning her existence and whether or not she may be a Cylon.
  • Helo, still surviving on Cylon-occupied Caprica, is involved in a mysterious plan with other humanoid Cylons, using a copy of Sharon Valerii.
  • The Cylons appear to know the Pythian Scriptures better than the Colonials, and are manipulating or anticipating events based on the writings.
  • The entire fleet and its leaders are shaken and tested by each other and the Cylons as they stumble unto the home of humanity, Kobol, and attempt to discover the secrets of the thirteenth Colony, Earth.




Production Crew


Directors & Writing Staff

To view the list of all the directors and staff, go to the Battlestar Galactica Crew Guide page.




To view the list of episodes, go to the Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide page for Season 1.

Official Statements

  • "I've noticed in the new scripts that Ron Moore will write to the rhythms of the actors now. Which isn't always a good thing, you know, actors can get into certain tricks and bad habits, but you know everyone has their own personality, their own way of speaking." -- Michael Rymer, [1]
  • "And the writers have started to write characters in our speech patterns, like the way that we talk, which is really interesting. So they're picking up on us and adding that into the character. It's nice. It makes it easier to memorize lines, because it's the way that you talk." -- Katee Sackhoff, [2]
I love the doctor too. The character's name is Major Cottle and I think we're only seeing one part of one Sickbay on the ship. It's worth keeping in mind that while Galactica is an enormous ship and was built to be manned by a very large crew, that she had only a skeleton complement on board at the time of the Cylon attack. That explains in large part why we see so few officers and why people like Kara are pressed into service in roles other than their primary one. There are probably several (unused) Pilot Ready Rooms aboard Galactica and possibly other Sickbay facilities as well. Dr. Cottle is our only physician onboard, but if she were fully staffed, Galactica would probably have a large medical staff and would have a sizable hospital facility.
  • " Will we see the mess hall and other part of the ship such as the main Kitchen where all the meals are prepared?"
I'd like to. It's a question of budget; there has to be a story point or scene so cool that we just have to build this set. The Head (bathroom to you lubbers) was built in the pilot specifically so we'd have it around during the series. --

From RDM's Sci-Fi Channel Blog

  • "It's highly unlikely that episodes 1 thru 13 were filmed in chronological order. Can you tell us in which order they were filmed in? This might give the viewers a little more insight as to how the cast bonded over the shooting schedule as well as explain how some performances might be rigid in certain episodes and become more flushed out in others."
Actually, the episodes were all filmed chronologically. You're probably confusing the production order with how individual episodes are filmed, which is not chronological. Scenes within an episode are often filmed out of sequence for efficiency, i.e. shooting all the CIC scenes, then all the Hangar Deck scenes, then all the Colonial One scenes, etc. --

From RDM's Sci-Fi Channel Blog

  • (regarding Karl Agathon's plight on Cylon-occupied Caprica) "My boss at my place of employment has a father named John C. Agathon who was the radar navigator of a B-24 Liberator bomber that was shot down in WWII. He spent some time running from the Nazi's and hiding in farm houses until he finally managed to make his way to friendly territory. Oh and I double-checked with my boss and his father DID sustain a leg injury related to the crash.
It could just be a coincidence, but it's one hell of a coincidence. "
It is one hell of a coincidence. --

From RDM's Sci-Fi Channel Blog

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