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Toni Graphia
Role: Co-Executive Producer
BSG Universe: Re-imagined Series
Date of Birth:
Date of Death: ,

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Toni Graphia was a co-executive producer and writer on the Re-imagined Series.

Biographical Notes

Toni Graphia has previously written multiple episodes of the hit series Carnivale, Roswell, and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, as well as single episodes for such shows as Chicago Hope, Melrose Place, Cop Rock, Life Goes On, Quantum Leap and China Beach. She worked as a consulting producer alongside executive producer Ronald D. Moore on both Roswell and Carnivale and was brought on board as a co-executive producer for the first season of the Re-imagined Series. She continued to work as a writer and co-executive producer on the second season.

According to Sarah Warn, editor of the website, [1] in March 2006 Graphia appeared on a Writers Guild panel of gay and lesbian TV writers even though she reportedly said: "I'm not out, so when they asked me [to be on the panel], my first response was, how did you get my name? My friends said, 'This is the year to be gay with Brokeback Mountain and all. If you were ever going to do it, now is the time.' If you invite me back next year, I'll be able to tell you if I was discriminated against."

During the panel, Graphia said that sometimes resistance to gay and lesbian characters comes not just from the networks or advertisers, but other writers, Warn reports. When Graphia suggested a lesbian story line for Carnivale (HBO), which chronicled the lives of a group of traveling carnival performers during the Depression, she said she was met with "some homophobia in my own writers room."

"It was like this big wall of resistance," Graphia reportedly said. "This actually got said to me: 'Back in the '30s, they didn't have lesbians.' "

Toni Graphia left the series by the end of Season 2, and next worked as a co-executive producer on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Writer credits for "Battlestar Galactica"

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