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For information on the mining colony and alleged birthplace of "Boomer" Valerii in the Re-imagined Series, see Troy (RDM). For other uses of the name, see Troy.
Troy in 1980 A.D.


Age 37[1]
Colony Caprica
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Birth Name {{{birthname}}}
Birth Date 1943 A.D.[1]
Callsign {{{callsign}}}
Nickname Boxey[2]
"Fancy Dan"[4]
Introduced [[{{{seen}}}]]
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Parents Serina† (mother), Apollo[5] (adoptive father)
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Family Tree View
Role Viper pilot, leader of various missions to Earth
Rank Captain
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Portrayed by Kent McCord
Troy is a Cylon
Troy is a Final Five Cylon
Troy is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Troy is an Original Series Cylon
Additional Information
Troy in the separate continuity
Boxey in 1950 A.D. (Noah Hathaway)

Captain Troy is a Colonial Warrior attached to the battlestar Galactica during the discovery of Earth by the Fleet. As a child, he was known by his nickname of Boxey, which his mother, Serina, and his adoptive family aboard Galactica had used (Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I).

Much like his adoptive father, Apollo, Troy is a squadron leader and Viper pilot. His fellow Warrior, Dillon, is his wingman and both Troy and Dillon have a similar relationship that Apollo and Starbuck had prior to their departures from the Fleet. For instance, Troy has a tendency to adhere to the rules and was serious. With Apollo dead, Troy has been in the care of this grandfather, Commander Adama, and has grown to become a proficient Colonial Warrior, a goal he had promised to achieve after the Colonial holocaust (Saga of a Star World).


Upon discovery of the fabled Thirteenth Colony, Troy is tasked with leading missions to Earth, starting with the first contact mission to help develop Earth's technology in order to face the Cylon threat (Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I). He and Dillon are assigned to pursue contacts in the area of Southern California, but deviate from this when they go back in time, and when they visit New York state ("The Night the Cylons Landed, Part I & Part II").

He takes on the role of Scout Leader with the Galactica children, and seems to relish the position. He has deep empathy for the plight of others, and for the environment, and is motivated to action in order to alleviate these plights ("Space Croppers", "The Super Scouts, Part II").


In the novelization of "The Living Legend", which covers the events of "The Living Legend, Part I" and "The Living Legend, Part II", the introductory segment is written from the point of view of Troy, now a Commander, who was thrust into this role after the death of Adama. (This is an "expanded universe" story based upon Galactica 1980, and neither the book nor series are themselves considered canonical.)


  • When Galactica 1980 was originally conceived, it was to have featured the characters of Apollo and Starbuck. However, neither actor was available for the project, and so instead of recasting it was decided to advance the storyline 30 years and feature two new characters, Troy and Dillon as the new leads.
  • "Troy" was quoted as Boxey's given name. This fact seems to have been adopted into the Battlestar canon and other non-canonical stories, such as Richard Hatch's various novels and, most recently, the Cylon Apocalypse comic series.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Since Noah Hathaway was age 7 when he portrayed Boxey, this would make the character of Troy 37 years of age, which happened to be the age of Kent McCord when he was playing this role.
  2. This is stated as a nickname. It is only used by Adama when the two converse privately in a few episodes, such as "Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I" and "The Super Scouts, Part II]]".
  3. This is a reference to Alias Smith and Jones that is used in "The Night the Cylons Landed, Part I".
  4. The lead mugger calls Troy this due to his white tuxedo and suit costume in "The Night the Cylons Landed, Part II".
  5. In "The Wheel of Fire", Starbuck (now a Being of Light) indicates that his father may not have died in their quest for Earth.

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