The Night the Cylons Landed, Part II

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The Night the Cylons Landed, Part II
"The Night the Cylons Landed, Part II"
An episode of the Galactica 1980 series
Episode No. Season 1, Episode 8 (discuss)
Writer(s) Glen A. Larson
Story by
Director Barry Crane
Assistant Director
Special guest(s) Roger Davis as Andromus
Wolfman Jack as Himself
Production No. 55117
Nielsen Rating
US airdate USA 1980-04-20
CAN airdate CAN {{{CAN airdate}}}
UK airdate UK
DVD release
Population survivors
Extended Info Script available for download.
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The human-looking Cylon android Andromus and Centurion Centuri plan to use a radio station to broadcast a distress signal so that the Cylon fleet can destroy Earth, and it is up to Troy and Dillon to stop them.


Act 1

  • Cops chase Dillon and Troy, who are driving a stolen New York Highway Patrol car. Troy believes that, as New York City is the largest they've seen on earth, they'll be able to lose their pursuers. Dillon remarks that he should tell that to the police pursuing them.
  • The Warriors happen to drive in the Port of New York towards Pier 60. Dillon notes to Troy that they're running out of city. They flip in the air and crash into the water, thus ending the car chase.
  • Troy and Dillon manage to get out of the car before it sinks further into the ocean. The cops see the car sink into the ocean and the cops on scene order the Harbor Patrol to start looking for bodies, while they cordon off the area just in case they made it out.
  • Troy contacts Commander Adama on Galactica. Troy reports that they've located the crashed Cylon ship. Doctor Zee replies that they know and asks if the people of Earth know about the Cylons. Troy tells them that the ship auto-destructed and nothing remains of the ship, to which Adama thanks the Lord. Troy notifies them that not all the crew members perished inside the craft; Troy adds that they are likely en route to a powerful transmission station.
  • Zee begins to tell Adama that the Cylons can't reach the transmitting station, but Adama knows full well about the grave nature of the situation. He tells Troy and Dillon that their mission has never been so grave and tells them to prevent the Cylons from transmitting Earth's location to their battle fleet. Troy and Dillon realize this and begin to make their way out of the Port of New York.
  • The doorbell rings to Arnie's apartment penthouse. Mildred answers it, seeing that Norman Blower and his wife, Shirley, have arrived. Mildred tells her brother that "the boss is here" and he replies to tell him that he's "baking a real surprise" in the kitchen. Norman replies that they've baked a real surprise for them, introducing two more guests, the Cylons Andromus and Centuri, whom they believe to be humans dressed up as spacemen.
  • Arnie comes out of the kitchen to see what the fuss is about and is surprised to see the Cylons. He begins speculating on who is inside the costume, throwing out the name of an acquaintance, Wilt Chamberlain. Norman tells him to guess again, but Arnie replies that he has to return to the kitchen and accidentally spills the beans about what he's cooking: the meatballs. Arnie rues spilling the surprise and Norman sarcastically retorts that he wishes it only were a surprise. Arnie offers to let him have the first taste. Norman refuses, saying that he ought to introduce his friends around.
  • Andromus and Centuri are being introduced to party goers. A group of kids, led by Tommy (dressed as Raggedy Andy) is introduced to the Cylons by Shirley as "Andy" and Centuri, wishing them Happy Halloween. Andromus returns the greeting, saying "Happy Halloween little people."
  • Shirley expresses her hope that they like the crowd, explaining that it is mostly people from the media. He reiterates his interests in radio and Wolfman Jack. She mentions that they've come to the right party, since anything they'd need to know would be answered at the party.
  • Troy and Dillon are walking down a New York street near Remos Club when they hear the sirens. Troy and Dillon duck into an archway before the club. The cop car stops at the curb and a distraught mother runs to to meet them. She berates them for taking so long and tells of her kid who has locked himself in the bathroom. She reports that she can see him through the crack at the door and he's sticking his tongue out at her.
  • After the cops enter the domicile, Dillon checks the signal strength and notes it is getting weaker. He surmises that the Centurions are on the other side of the city.
  • They overhear a dispatch about them and go to the car, which has its driver side door ajar, to listen more closely. However they are interrupted by a middle-aged NYPD cop who asks them if they want something. They reply they're just heading into the city. As they leave, the cop approaches his car and overhears a supplemental update that tells of two Caucasian suspects having wet clothing heading west from the river. The police officer calls out after them and begins a pursuit on foot. They round the corner of a theater building, but the police officer is still pursuing them.
  • Hiding behind a wall, Dillon notes they can't wear their clothing for much longer. Troy observes that the clothing stores are closed and, as Dillon points out, it is difficult to not be noticed when you're soaking wet.
  • They hear music coming from a side door which is unlocked.
  • On the theater's stage, a bunch of performers in dog costumes dance to "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-day". Troy and Dillon, from behind the stage, notice this and see "dancing mammals", which Troy notes as strange.
  • Troy points out a clothes rack with white suits of every size. They help themselves to the clothing, which Dillon remarks a strange looking, but apparently notes their acceptability on Earth.
  • After getting dressed, the director of the play hands the Warriors canes and top hats and pushes them out to the stage. Soon they are thrust in a middle of a performance of the "Good Ship Lollipop" and are pushed and directed by the other irate performers, whose actions the Warriors attempt to emulate without much success.
  • At the crash site of the A-B Raider, investigators are pouring over it without much success. Also at the scene is Colonel Briggs. Behind him is a Highway Patrol officer questioning Max and Leroy, apparently showing them pictures. The officer reports to Briggs, saying that the colonel was right and tells him that the two men climbed out of the ship (which is untrue). They presume they are smugglers.
  • Briggs orders the cops to get their likeness out to every police department in the Tri-State Area. Max notes that this is already been done. Briggs makes it clear that he wants the men taken alive, to which Leroy replies that this would be up to them.
  • Behind the stage, the director is walking over the cop (and his partner) that pursued them to the edge of the stage, pointing Troy and Dillon out. The Warriors notice and say they have to get out of there.
  • They are prompted to pick up the star of the show and they do so. They also take the opportunity to engage their invisibility fields, which has the unintended side effect of making the performer appear as if she's floating in the air.
  • The director and the cops look at the display in astonishment and disbelief. The crowd is wowed by the display and, during this, Troy and Dillon make their escape. The cop asks if the director felt something, after he is bumped by the Warriors.
  • Troy and Dillon exit the stage, now visible. Troy rues over the fact that they've lost a lot of time. Dillon notes that the Cylon signal remains constant at 4.6 acron ions in strength. This means that they either reached their destination or have been stopped by something.
  • Dillon hails a taxi, which, much to his surprise, works out.
  • Wolfman Jack arrives at the party with his trademark wolf howl and gets the party goers psyched.
  • On a balcony, Andromus tells Centuri that he'll need his help; he's learned about the location of the transmission centers and the need of a special key for emergency admittance. Centuri is tasked with finding the keys or taking one of the people who have the keys with them, and will start by investigating Arnie.
  • Tommy runs up to the Wolfman with his group of friends, telling them that he was right about Wolfman attending the party. He tells all the "little ghost and goblins and part-time Frankensteins" to have a good time. Shirley arrives to bring Wolfman to the balcony, when he notices Centuri and is amazed, and asks "who's the chrome head". She tells him his name and Wolfman notes that he has all his fans here, but convinces him to make his way to the balcony to meet a fan that's been dying to meet him all night. He accepts, saying that "anybody with taste like that, I can't keep waiting". He excuses himself from the children.
  • Shirley introduces Andromus to Wolfman Jack. Wolfman tells him to "lay it on him" and does the finger wiggle shake, which, in reply, Andy tries to emulate. Shirley leaves them alone. Wolfman begins the conversation by saying that the "walking monument" belongs to him, which initially confuses him, but Wolfman describes Centuri as having a big dude with a silver hairdo.
  • Andromus notes that he and Centuri enjoyed hearing his transmission very much, but noted it to be primitive. Wolfman replies that primitive is his style, but goes further and notes that what was even more primitive was when Marconi sent the letter "S" across the English Channel in 1901.
  • Andromus does not reply to this directly, saying that he's interested in radio. Wolfman replies by giving him his own take on radio, which he says is the "real music of the spheres" and says that each planet and star are sending out their own signals, "just like the old Wolfman who is a heavenly body in his own right". He adds that the only thing that can stop radio cold is a "big old solar wave" and discusses this further, comparing the sun's coronal ejections to eating spicy food and experiencing flatulence. Andromus notes that this would stop radio transmissions, to which Wolfman replies "Yeah, can you dig it?" Andromus replies that he quite possibly digs it.
  • Troy and Dillon are dropped off at Central Park. Troy notes the "vegetation center in the middle of all this concrete" and tells Dillon that the signal they're getting is coming from the buildings beyond the Park. Dillon observes that it isn't the place where a powerful transmitter would be held.
  • Regardless of that fact, Troy tells Dillon that there's a link to the Cylon mission at the dwelling and begin their trek through the park.
  • Dillon notes that it's too bad that they're on such a serious mission, since New York appears to be a nice place. A bunch of people hiding behind bushes begin to move out as the Warriors walk by.
  • Dillon notes that the signals from the distress beacon are growing stronger. As they continue on the path, they are stopped by a quartet of muggers.
  • The lead mugger notes the "fancy Dans" and asks them if they are going to a party. Troy notes that they are and are also in a hurry. The mugger is satisfied with going through things quickly, making it "short and sweet", saying "your money or your life".
  • Dillon notes that it doesn't seem like an equitable trade and Troy says they don't have any money they can use.
  • In response to the mugger's question about the kind of money they're carrying, Dillon explains that it is stolen money, Troy elaborates that he's correct: while it was obtained due to a misunderstanding the money is technically stolen.
  • Now that "Fancy Dan" has been heard from, the thug leader says to hand over the stolen money and they will worry about it from there. They say they can't do that, since it would implicate you in a bank robbery which would be unfair to them.
  • The lead mugger notes that he's heard "some jive in his time, but this is prime stuff". He offers them one more chance to give up their money. Dillon suggests taking advantage of the vegetation, and they soon jump up on a large branch of the nearby tree despite being rushed by the muggers. The muggers look up at the tree in shock and disbelief. Dillon reminds Troy that they're in a hurry and, after saying farewell to the muggers, they jump from the tree limb to the top of a nearby roof. The main mugger notes that he believes he's seeing things because of all the junk food he's been eating.

Act 2

  • Centuri tells Andromus, who has finished conversing with Wolfman, that he was unable to locate the keys and must take a human. Andromus replies that he's examined the premises and noted there is a kitchen with an access door, through which they can secret away a human without alerting the guests.
  • Norman sees Andromus on the balcony. Andromus tells Centuri to go to the kitchen and wait, as he will get the human who best suits their purposes.
  • In the kitchen, Arnie slaves over the food. He pulls out a bowl of meatballs from a built-in Cylon weapon known as a microwave. Norman enters, much to Arnie's delight. He cheerfully informs him that he's in time for a fresh batch of meatballs. Norman replies that he should forget the meatballs and he is worried. After a Template:Audio over how long he's slaved over the "morsels of heavenly splendor" and Norman's declaration over the fact he doesn't care, Norman asks Arnie what he told the Cylons about the station's security system. Arnie tells him that the conversation involved the Cylon's interest in visiting the station tonight, but that this would be impossible since there are only three sets of keys. Much to Arnie's chagrin, after Norman suggests they call the police, the sad clown reveals that he's known the strangers for only an hour and is concerned over why they're interested in the station.
  • As penance, Arnie tells Norman to take the meatballs and pass them around. Arnie will be out in a minute to make sure they leave nice and quietly. Norman tells him that this could be dangerous, which is when Centuri shows up. Not knowing he's entered, Arnie reminds Norman that he worked his way through school as a bouncer.
  • Arnie notices Centuri's entrance and greets him, saying that they were just talking about him. Centuri asks about their comments regarding "danger", to which Norman replies that Template:Audio. After a glare from Arnie, Norman adds that they are addictive and they grow on you.
  • This prompts Arnie to tell Centuri to "wait till you sink your chops in one of these". He then proceeds to throw them into the microwave and activate it.
  • Centuri begins to react violently to this, spasming and falling over, knocking over crockery and foodstuff.
  • The guests from the party rush to the kitchen. Mildred goes over to Centuri to check to see if he's all right, commenting that he must have had Arnie's meatballs. Arnie rejects that comment and tells what happened. In the middle of his story, he stumbles on the fact that the microwave may be the cause. Norman dismisses this, unless he had an old pacemaker. They try to remove Centuri's helmet, believing it to be part of the costume.
  • Andromus arrives and asks what they've done. Andromus detects the microwave oven and demands that they turn off the machine. After they fail to do so, he destroys the microwave with the weapon built into his hand.
  • When the microwave explodes, Norman jumps up and accusingly asks if Arnie put gunpowder in the meatballs and barks out for someone to call the fire department.
  • As the guests begin to evacuate, Arnie calls for Wolfman help pick up Centuri. They find that he is very difficult to carry and, upon Andromus' command to rise, Centuri does so. As Centuri tells people to step back from him, Arnie vacates the room. Wolfman tries to follow suit, but Andromus stops him and says they will leave another way.
  • Troy and Dillon run towards The Town House apartment complex. The police and fire department soon arrive.
  • On the floor where Arnie's apartment is, the guests are trying to get out via the elevators. Norman yells at them to use the staircase instead.
  • Troy and Dillon arrive moments later. They approach Arnie's apartment door, while Dillon scans for the signal. He notes that it is getting weaker, which means the Cylons are leaving the building. They head back toward the elevators while Sammy runs towards the burning apartment. He replies that Skippy is in the apartment and rushes in. Troy tells Dillon to pursue the Cylons, while Troy heads toward the apartment. Troy enters the apartment despite the protestations of Mildred.
  • Troy manages to find Sammy. He dips a cloth in the apple bin and instructs Sammy to place it over his nose and mouth, and to breathe through it. They hear the dog barks of Skippy and Troy gets the pet. He returns to the door and instructs Sammy to stay close to the floor, where the air is better.
  • Troy has saved Sammy and is reunited with Mildred and Arnie. Troy makes his exit as Mildred embraces her boy and Skippy is held by Arnie.
  • The firefighters arrive at the scene. They make mention that the floor below is safe and that they can use the stairwell, also mentioning that they can take Sammy to Bellevue for an examination.
  • Colonel Briggs is at the police station. The chief tells Briggs that he is more than happy to assist the government, but is not giving them much to go on. Briggs says that it's an issue under a closed security blanket. This response prompts the chief in a pointed question regarding whether or not his men can be trusted and asks him to explain himself. Briggs replies that "there are things under investigation that do not necessarily seem rational, nor do they present possibility of rational explinations". He believes that the average cop on the street couldn't handle what he has to say.
  • This further angers the chief, who tells him not to underestimate his men.
  • Briggs offers to tell it straight, but says that he better do it alone with the chief. The chief says that Grover is his right man and that everything he hears will also be heard by Grover.
  • Briggs accepts this and tells them that what they are dealing with are aliens. Grover arises from his seated position. The chief asks Grover to give him a few minutes, which he agrees to and departs, politely saying it's a pleasure to meet the Colonel.
  • At Central Park, the lead mugger, still smarting from their encounter with the Warriors, is telling his clowns that the next time he tells them to rush their victims, they rush them. He threatens to find himself some real muscle if they don't do as he says. Tonight, he says, they're going to "teach some lucky dude the meaning of trick-or-treat".
  • Wolfman is walking with the two Cylons through Central Park. He asks them questions about who they are and what they want. Andromus tells him they wish to see the broadcast center, to which an incredulous Wolfman replies, questioning why they'd want to walk 50 blocks.
  • Behind them, Centuri is rushed by the muggers. However, the muggers stop, back away slowly from Centuri and run off. The two muggers run away, with the lead mugger commenting that Halloween night is a bad night for mugging.
  • Wolfman Jack and the Cylons hail a cab, which they enter. The cabbie turns to them in order to ask them where they're going, until he sees Centuri. He stammers the question and is told their destination: the International Trace Center. He hesitantly agrees to the fare.
  • At the police station, Briggs tells his tale. The chief replies that not only is it hard to swallow, but it is ridiculous. He says that he has a fellow officer in a Washington hospital suffering from a "kind of shock that isn't at all ridiculous" and adds that Sydell's brain is "someplace else". The chief replies that they'll say the same thing about him if he agrees to Briggs' request.
  • Briggs reiterates his demand that the Warriors not be harmed. The chief says that while they don't shoot on sight, he says he must alert his men, especially when there's reason to believe there's danger.
  • Grover enters the office and tells the chief that there's a fire over in Central Park. He notes that there's a dozen witnesses in Bellevue that swear that a guy burned down an apartment "with flames coming out of his fingers". The chief rephrases the statement as a question, while Briggs heads out of the office. When asked where he's going, he replies that he's headed toward Bellevue. When asked if he believes the story, he replies sardonically that, "No, of course not." The chief tells Grover to follow them in another car as Grover follows Briggs.
  • The cab pulls up to the ITC. The cabbie asks for five bucks to pay the fare. Andromus uses his power of suggestion to shirk his responsibility for the fare.
  • Andromus instructs Wolfman to show them to the transmitter. In front of an elevator, Andromus tells Centuri that they will soon be able to summon their brothers to Earth.
  • Troy meets Dillon about a block away from the ITC. A taxi driver Dillon questioned revealed to him that the Cylons are in the building. Troy notes that this is logical, since there's a transmission tower.
  • In the elevator, Wolfman asks the Cylons what they want. He assumes they may want to make a political statement and says that something can be worked out in that regard. A voice tells them that they need a key to access the floors that aren't accessible by the public.
  • Andromus tells Wolfman to put in his key. He does so.
  • Troy and Dillon run into the building. Troy finds that the radio station is on the 70th floor and head toward the ascension tubes.
  • Wolfman leads them to the radio station room as "That'll Be The Day" plays in the background.
  • In the elevator, the elevator has stopped and the voice prompts them to insert the special key or refer to the control panel for further instructions. Troy opens the control panel and Dillon notes that there's only a number to dial, which won't help them.
  • Troy loosens an escape door on the elevator and both resign themselves to the fact they'll have to jump up to the 70th floor using their super jumping abilities. Troy jumps atop the elevator. Dillon asks how it is up there, to which Troy responds that he's not going to like it, but summons him up anyway.
  • They soon jump on the beams in the elevator shaft going up floor by floor.
  • The Cylons and Wolfman enter the studio. Andromus informs Wolfman that "whoever is in charge must be warned to cooperate". Wolfman points out that no one else is at the radio station, motioning to the machines that play the music automatically once he's off air for the night until six in the morning.
  • Andromus is impressed, telling Wolfman that Earth people will someday understand their place of unimportance in a truly efficient society. Wolfman questions Andromus on his phrase, "you Earth people", but Andromus ignores this question in lieu of finding an input terminal to transmit their signal.
  • At Bellevue, Norman insists to Briggs and the NYPD chief that he did not see fire coming from Andromus' finger tips. Shirley, who is breathing oxygen, claims that she saw it, which Norman dismisses as part of her excitability. The chief tries to confirm her story, and she insists that this is indeed the case.
  • Arnie pipes in, telling the chief of a movie he saw once where a man had to create a burning bush effect to impress the natives and how he did it. However, when asked if Andromus had a flamethrower, Shirley and Arnie reply in the negative.
  • Briggs shows them pictures of Dillon and Troy, asking to point out which man "spewed flames from his fingers". The guests inform Briggs that neither of the men were responsible for the fire, but were there and, in fact, saved their lives. Mildred also adds that she owes them her son's life, much to Briggs' consternation.
  • They go on to say that they did not see Dillon, but talk about Centuri, describing the Centurion as an unseen guy in an 8-foot costume. Arnie begins emulating the Cylon's back-and-forth eye, which Mildred soon intimidates as well complete with an emulated sound effect. The chief begins to do the same thing, but abruptly catches himself.
  • The chief insinuates that they were drinking. Arnie replies that he doesn't drink when he cooks.
  • The chief sees two misfits -- the Central Park muggers -- enter the hospital. They are frantic as the police officers -- with Grover -- attempt to calm them down. The chief approaches the sergeant and reminds him that the hospital is not a place to book criminals. However, the sergeant gives him a lowdown on the perps: they were running down 5th Avenue and, after stopping to question them, they begin giving incongruent statements and thus came to the hospital to check if they had been under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The lead mugger explains that it (the Cylon) was nothing like he'd ever seen. His accomplice corroborates the story, mentioning the "metal creep" who was a "Cyclops!" The lead mugger thinks that the big "chrome dome" is trying to take over their Central Park territory, which piques the interest of Briggs.

Act 3

  • Briggs and the chief talk about a report of an ITC security guard which talks about Centuri. Briggs asks if the report makes him a believer, but all the chief believes is that there's trouble of some kind, and reminds Briggs that until they find out more, it's still NYPD jurisdiction. Briggs replies that "before this is all over, you may want all the help you can get".
  • Andromus removes the emergency homing device chip from Centuri. Andromus begins fiddling with equipment. Wolfman tells them to use the microphone, seeing as the rest of the stuff is expensive and they shouldn't be fiddling with it.
  • He asks about the Emergency Broadcasting System, which raise concern from Wolfman Jack, who vociferously points out that that's government stuff that shouldn't be messed with. Andromus resolutely replies that they will tap into that system, and instructs Wolfman to show them the equipment.
  • After initially refusing to help, Wolfman is given incentive by Centuri to do so.
  • Troy and Dillon keep on jumping up the elevator shaft and are about to reach the 70th floor.
  • The Cylons are shown the EBS equipment on the roof, despite protestations from Wolfman. They reach a locked maintenance box, which Centuri rips the door from. They activate the transmission equipment.
  • The Warriors reach the 70th floor and leave the elevator shaft.
  • Andromus instructs Wolfman to show them to the main dish. Reluctantly he does so, while commenting on his fear of heights and ruefully mentioning that he could have gone to other parties.
  • The Warriors run through the corridors. Dillon notes the transmission's getting stronger and head towards the source.
  • Andromus realigns the dish to transmit space-ward.
  • Adama reports to Zee regarding a transmission being sent to the star Balcon. Zee suggests that they block all transmissions from Earth. Adama replies that a Cylon base ship would surely investigate such interference. Zee posits that they may encounter a small patrol and, if they don't block the signal, the Cylons will respond with every ship at their disposal.
  • Adama replies that he'll have patrols launched to intercept such patrols, adding that he will pray that it is unnecessary.
  • Wolfman tells the Cylons that he's been a good sport and have followed their demands, against his better judgment. Andromus agrees that he has and addresses Centuri. Centuri slowly pushes Wolfman to the edge of the platform, while Wolfman is espousing his "live and let live" philosophies.
  • Troy and Dillon arrive at the roof, seeing Centuri. A fire fight between Andromus and Centuri begin; Wolfman quickly darts out of the line of fire. The firefight is brief, with Dillon taking out Centuri and Troy shooting Andromus, who is still positioning the antenna dish.
The damaged Centuri carries a wounded Andromus.
  • Andromus orders Centuri to keep the Warriors away from the antenna dish, however Centuri is damage and reverts to his first order to protect Andromus. Andromus protests as Centuri picks him up and jumps from the roof. Troy blasts the dish.
  • Centuri and Andromus land in a trash bin.
  • With the transmission stopped, Adama has stopped the jamming. Troy establishes contact with Galactica and reports their success. Dillon comments that it was a "beaut", which initially confuses Adama until Troy explains that it is Earth talk.
  • Troy and Dillon kindly request that the next time the Cylons invade Earth, Adama can give them a little more notice -- or stop them from coming at all. In grand spirits, Adama gives his apologizes to "all concerned".
  • The NYPD arrives at the ITC. They begin making their way up to the WQSL studios. Troy and Dillon hear the approach of officers and turn on their invisibility fields.
  • As three cops begin to check the roof, a dump truck gets the disposal bin that Centuri and Andromus's bodies are in and loads the detritus.
  • An officer on the roof reports that they've search every inch of the place and have turned up nothing. Down on the street, Wolfman is describing Dillon and Troy's fight with the Cylons, much to the chief's disbelief. With no evidence for these stories, the chief reminds Briggs that he's in New York City and that outsiders always take shots at them because they don't know what goes on in the city.
  • Briggs is adamant about the events of Halloween night involving people from another world. The chief replies that he's been on the NYPD long enough to not be convinced about anything and pointedly asks where the two men went off to.
  • The dump truck drives by. Centuri's head is still functioning, repeating his mantra of "I will protect you."
  • The chief tells Grover to pull the men off the roof. Grover asks if there's anything to the Cylons' roving eye sound. He replies that it's Halloween: "Trick or treat."
  • The four men now on the roof are called down. They leave, permitting the Warriors to deactivate their fields. Troy tells Dillon it's time to head home, but Dillon whines that they just got to New York City and, aside from the muggers, the city seems to be exciting. He also would have liked to see the remainder of the play that they interrupted. Troy says that they may be back next time; Dillon concedes that Troy is right and they look at the cityscape.


  • The second half of this episode is sometimes called So This Is New York due to an error in an episode guide in Starlog magazine many years ago.[1]
  • Ken Lynch (Grover) played Dr. Gordon in the Battlestar Galactica episode Experiment in Terra.[2]
  • Blooper - In part two, there is stock footage of the underside of the Galactica moving through space, and the Galactica is moving backwards.
  • What an amazing (and unbelievable) coincidence that the Cylons arrive on Halloween, thus allowing them to walk around without really standing out.
  • Rex Cutter (Centuri) played the Cylon Centurion named Red-Eye in the Battlestar Galactica episode The Lost Warrior. He also played the Cylon Centurion named Cy in the classic Galactica 1980 episode The Return of Starbuck.
  • William Daniels (Shirley's husband) is best known for his roles on St. Elsewhere and as the voice of K.I.T.T. in Knight Rider.
  • Apart from the summary of "The Night the Cylons Landed, Part I" at the start of the episode, Jamie Hamilton does not appear during the course of the program, despite the fact Robyn Douglass is credited with appearing in the opening credits.
  • Again, there is much less of an attempt to show educational themes or lessons in this episode than in some others. However, mascots dressed as animated characters do appear in the stage production that Troy and Dillon participate in at one point. Was that put there for the kids, or was that to break up the intensity created by the appearance of Central Park gang members?
  • The song in the background as Wolfman Jack escorts Andromus and Centuri through the corridor of the radio station is "That'll Be The Day" performed by Linda Ronstadt.
  • In a later scene with Wolfman Jack and the two Cylons, "My Life" by Billy Joel begins to play.


  • The episode does not take into effect signal lag of radio signals, which go at the speed of light. Thus, given that the star Balcon is likely light years away, it would have taken years for the signal to have reached that destination.
  • Balcon is probably located somewhere in the northern sky as the Cylons position the antenna to point upwards.
  • The International Trade Center's ~1 meter parabolic antenna is probably way too small to produce a strong signal over interstellar distances. A better, more realistic option would be large radio telescopes such as the 100-meter Green Bank Telescope in nearby West Virginia.


  • Why didn't the star of the "Good Ship Lollipop" disappear when the Warriors activated their invisibility fields, particularly since anything they've have contact with during the process would also disappear (c.f. "Galactica Discovers Earth, Part II")?
  • As microwave radiation interferes with Centurions, why wasn't this fact discovered and exploited by the Colonials sooner?
  • Would Andromus and Centuri's bodies be recovered from the dump?

Noteworthy Dialogue

Arnie and Norman discuss meatballs
Arnie: Norman! Just in time for a fresh batch of meatballs.
Norman: Forget the meatballs, I'm worried.
Arnie: Forget my meatballs? Forget these morsels of heavenly splendor that I spent an hour and a half preparing?
Norman: Arnie, I don't care if you spent a year and a half!
Centuri: You were speaking of danger.
Arnie: (chuckles) Da- Danger? No, I, uh... (points to Norman) Did you say anything about danger?
Norman: Nnono. Uh, well, I, uh, I said that it was dangerous, I mean the meatballs. (Arnie glares at Norman) I mean, you take one, and, uh, you have to take another. And they just grow on you.

From Script to Screen

There are noteworthy differences between an earlier version of the script and the final product, as noted below.

  • Arnie is referred to as Danny.[3]
  • This is an earlier version without the redundant meatball jokes, which were later added to irritate Susan Futterman and the censors at ABC. In fact, Norman is the one who brings meatballs.[4]
  • Mildred is noted as being Danny's (Arnie's) wife, instead of merely being his sister. Mildred is noted in the script for her "hot blooded" nature, as well as a penchant for tall men; her first husband being a basketball player.[5] Danny himself is noted as having a "famous temper".[6]
  • Andromus refers to the radio transmissions as "aural transmissions".[7]
  • Centuri is a little more talkative in this version of the script, even actively conversing with Andromus.[8]
  • Colonel Briggs is present at the A-B Raider's crash scene, believing it to be the craft Troy and Dillon came on. He makes it clear that Colonel Jack Sydell is his friend and wants the two "spacemen" to pay for what they've done to him. He is irate when he discovers that the police have already put a "shoot on sight" order if the two should be encountered, since he wants them alive.[9]
  • An alternate scene where Troy and Dillon enter the studio soaking wet: instead of seeing "dancing mammals", they manage to talk to a cop helping out with security, who directs them to Chuck Willis, the dresser, and are able to secure their tuxedos.[10]
  • The star of the show is depicted as a venomous, ego-maniacal woman who doesn't like being upstaged. After Troy and Dillon turn on their invisibility fields, they throw her into a gigantic cake and flee the scene to avoid the police that have followed them to the stage.[11]
  • An alternate version of the discussion between Wolfman Jack and Andromus occurs, broaching on many of the same topics. Also, Shirley Blore appears to be more inquisitive, asking Andromus and Centuri where they come from.[12]
  • Further, Shirley is the one who is worried, not Norman, and the conversation about the meatballs that is shared between Norman and Arnie is instead the conversation between Shirley and Norman. Further, it is indicated that the two are merely dating, not married as demonstrated in the episode.[13]
  • Danny and Mildred have a mild quarrel, after Danny believes that Mildred is bedding Centuri.[14]
  • Andromus senses that they are being tracked. He orders Centuri to the kitchen so that Andromus and their guest can make a quick escape.[15]
  • The mugger in Central Park that threatens Dillon and Troy refers to Troy as Fred Astaire.[16]
  • Troy manages to put out the fire by using his laser gun to create an explosion that depletes the oxygen in the room, thus stopping the fire.[17]
  • The cabbie who drove the Cylons and Wolfman Jack to the Trade Center later crashes into a pole, which attracts the police.[18]

Guest Stars


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