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Colonel Jack Sydell
Colonel Jack Sydell


Colony Earth
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Introduced The Super Scouts, Part I
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Colonel Jack Sydell is an officer with the United States Air Force charged with tracking down sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (colloquially called "UFOs"[1]).

Sydell is first on to Troy and Dillon's trail when Shuttle Alpha has a near miss with a commercial jumbo-jet, Flight 427. He investigates where it landed, questioning the newly arrived Warriors and the Super Scouts (The Super Scouts, Part I). Once it is found out that the Super Scouts are a fake scout troop, he believes them to be part of the extraterrestrial phenomenon and is adamant about capturing them. However, he is outfoxed, which angers him and only makes him more resolved (The Super Scouts, Part II).

Later, he manages to connect their association to Jamie Hamilton, and follows her down to Billy Eheres' baseball camp, wanting to witness first hand that the children were otherworldly. Due to his presence, Hamilton tells the Super Scouts to lose the game, but when it is revealed that Lieutenant Nash is actually Xaviar, she tells them to use their abilities to win the game. After this, he tries to arrest her, Xaviar and the children, but is thwarted by Xaviar and by the timely arrival of Dillon and Troy. In Troy and Dillon's pursuit of Xaviar, Xaviar shoots Sydell, thus allowing him to escape the Warriors who go to the aid of their Earthly pursuer (Spaceball).

In a conversation with the New York City police chief, Colonel Briggs (Sydell's replacement) notes that Sydell[2] is still alive, but is in a form of coma (The Night the Cylons Landed, Part II).


  • Sydell is the pathetic kind of character known as "the hapless pursuer." His pursuit always lacks any real sense of drama, because if he was to ever succeed in apprehending his quarry then the series would come to an end.
  • Sydell's zeal for investigating Troy and Dillon, and in spacecraft in general, stems from an experience he has during a flight in a fighter craft. In this experience, he pursues an unidentified target that turns towards him.[3]


  1. It should be noted that alien craft are not, by definition, Unidentified Flying Objects. Although popular culture and genre productions have used the term erroneously to describe craft from alien worlds.
  2. Briggs does not mention him by name, but this is inferred due to the content of his comments.
  3. Script for "The Super Scouts, Part II", p. 41

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