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Colony Earth
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Introduced The Night the Cylons Landed, Part II
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Siblings Mildred, sister
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Role WQSL program director
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Portrayed by Val Bisoglio
Arnie is a Cylon
Arnie is a Final Five Cylon
Arnie is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Arnie is an Original Series Cylon
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Arnie in the separate continuity

Arnie is a program director at the WQSL radio station in New York City, which Norman Blore manages.

Begrudgingly, Norman (with his wife Shirley Blore, and two Cylon hitchhikers named Andromus and Centuri) attend Arnie's party because Arnie is the "best program director in radio", despite both Arnie's meatballs and the "romantic malnutrition" of Arnie's sister, Mildred (The Night the Cylons Landed, Part I).

Prior to his position as program director, Arnie worked as a bouncer while attending school. After his place caught ablaze due to the destruction of his microwave by Andromus, he supports the stories said about fire coming from Andromus' fingertips. He attempts to rationalize this as a trick he had seen in a movie, where the person is trying to convince a group of natives of his power by creating a "burning bush" effect—however this was done with a flamethrower hidden under a robe, which Andromus did not have (The Night the Cylons Landed, Part II).