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John, one of the Beings of Light (Experiment in Terra)

The Beings of Light are a mysterious race that travel using the Ship of Lights. Called angels by the primitive people on Kobol, these creatures helped them develop the civilization that would become the Twelve Colonies (War of the Gods).

Apparently mistakes were made in the past by these advanced beings, as they seem reluctant to interfere directly with the Colonials or the Terrans. They help Apollo and battlestar Galactica save the Terrans from themselves (Experiment in Terra).

Count Iblis is a fallen member of this race, who has chosen to use his powers for darker purposes (War of the Gods).

Galactica 1980

Angela, who appears in the Galactica 1980 episode, "The Return of Starbuck", wore white, appeared and disappeared suddenly, and spoke in riddles. Although never stated, it seems likely she was another Being of Light. (More than likely since her name literally means "female angel".) She is revealed to be the mother of Doctor Zee, which may account for the young boy's superhuman abilities.

A scrapped episode, entitled "The Wheel of Fire", would have had Starbuck rescued from a lonely asteroid by more representatives of this mysterious race [1].


  • Throughout the scripts of the series, this group of people are called "Seraphs." Seraph (plural: Seraphim) is the Hebrew word for Angel. Later Jewish imagery perceived them as having human form, and in that way they passed into the ranks of Christian angels. In the Christian angelic hierarchy, seraphim represent the highest rank of angels.