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For information on the Kobol of the Re-imagined Series, see Kobol (RDM). For more general information on the planet, see Kobol.

Kobol is the ancestral homeworld for humanity in the original Battlestar Galactica saga. An unexplained event or environmental catastrophe causes humanity to leave Kobol and settle on the planets that form their new homeworlds known as the Twelve Colonies.

The tombs of the Lords of Kobol as seen in the Original Series.

Kobol is located in a quadrant of space known to the Colonials as Epsilon Quadrant (Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I), approximately one to three parsecs from its star.

Kobol was the mother world where mankind originated. An ecological or environmental disaster led to humanity's migration. During the migration, twelve tribes set out for the stars, but became lost in a starless void before stumbling into the worlds that would become the new Twelve Colonies of Man, while the Thirteenth Tribe headed for a world called "Earth."

Kobol is rediscovered by chance by Galactica. A team from the battlestar arrives among the ruins[1] of Eden, the planet's largest city, seeking to enter the tomb of the Ninth Lord of Kobol in order to find clues as to the route taken by the Thirteenth Tribe. A Cylon attack ultimately prevents them from doing so.


In attempting to prove the truth behind the Book of the Word, a holy scripture in Colonial society, many Colonials have attempted to link the sudden appearance of the pyramids on Kobol to the contact of a superior civilization (i.e. Beings of Light). However, the weight of evidence to the contrary supports a belief that Kobol's humans had been "fully capable of achieving their high civilization" without external aid.[2]

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  1. Eden's appearance is obviously based on the pyramids of Giza of the real-world Earth. The Original Series used Egyptian themes in several episodes.
  2. Kraus, Bruce (1979). Encyclopedia Galactica, p. 21-22.

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